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Tuna Traffic Named One Of the 50 Fastest-Growing Companies

Tuna Traffic Future50 Header image

Since 2010, Tuna Traffic has served as a one-stop, interactive marketing shop. The growth we’ve experienced over the last nearly 9 years has been incredible, and we’ve had the great honor of working with the best clients around. So, when Tuna was recently named one of the 50 fastest-growing companies of 2019 by the Metropolitan…

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Tuna Brown Bag Series: About Content Planning

Tuna Brown Bag Content Strategy and Planning

By Erin Ramczyk, Senior Content & Marketing Strategist Introduction Recently, Tuna Traffic relaunched our Brown Bag “lunch and learn” sessions once a month, to fulfill our internal mission of strengthening our well-formed teams. Lucky for you, we decided we couldn’t keep all the new content strategy and tactics to ourselves. Here is the latest installment of our Brown Bag series: Content…

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B2B Content Marketing: Are You Overlooking Micro-Moments?

B2B content marketing micro-moments

What do your customers need from you during the buying process? What kinds of questions do they ask? Would you say that your B2B content marketing strategy anticipates the needs of your customers? Do your website and social media accounts answer their burning questions? These questions highlight the kind of information customers are searching for…

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GDPR Compliance: What is It and Should I Be Worried About It?

GDPR compliance header image: keyboard and coffee

GDPR compliance can be confusing, but Tuna Traffic is here to help you through it Unless you haven’t been reading your emails for the past couple months, you’ve probably heard something about GDPR compliance. You’ve at least noticed that basically every website you use is updating their privacy policies. So, what is the GDPR? Should…

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Computational Photography: The New Mainstream

Computational Photography | Tuna Traffic

We rely on our phones for everything, because really, is there anything they can’t do? Our phones have become our calendars, our GPS, credit cards, cameras, and everything in between. In fact, I went to a friend’s wedding where the professional photographer was replaced by 75 smartphones. The day was documented through the guests’ photos…

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What’s a WFT? (And Why You Should Be Glad We Are One)

What’s a Well-Formed Team? (And Why You Should Be Glad We Are One)

First off, before you read any further, we want to assure you that we’re not swearing. We’re talking about WFTs, which here at Tuna Traffic, means Well-Formed Team™. (Get it? W-F-T, not whatever you initially thought we were talking about.) A Well-Formed Team is part and parcel of Scrum, the Agile methodology we use at…

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