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4 Reasons Why Our Gift To You Is The Perfect Fit

Tuna Traffic Holiday Featured Image

The holidays are upon us. Here at Tuna Traffic, we are knee-deep into the season, donning our ugliest of ugly holiday sweaters and loudly breaking out in song to off-key renditions of Jingle Bell Rock whenever possible. In this time of gift giving, we racked our brains to come up with the best present for…

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Leaving Our Beauty Mark: How Tuna Traffic Rejuvenated Quintessa Aesthetic Center Into A Beautiful (And Profitable) Web Presence

My Quintessa Apple Devices 2017

When we started working with Quintessa Aesthetic Center, we realized our businesses are actually quite similar. Granted, one offers state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services and the other cutting-edge marketing and technology. But, our company missions are the same: to use our trusted expertise to provide results-driven value to our customers that propels their success.…

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3 Customer Service Must-Haves That Build Brand Loyalty

Customer Service Must-Haves: Fast-Action Social Media

We can all agree that the world of customer service is changing, transforming how we all do business. Regardless of the industry, from big box retailers, to down home mom and pop shops to global manufacturers to small town professionals, the way companies interact with their customers and build brand loyalty is different now than…

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10 Adobe Illustrator Tips for Digital Marketers

10 Adobe Illustrator Tricks Digital Marketers Should Know

Does the little orange icon scare you? Don’t let it. Check out the slides below and learn to love Illustrator. The abridged version follows: 1. Embrace Selection Tools The selection tool (black arrow) allows you to select a whole shape or whole group. The direct selection tool (white arrow) allows you to select an individual anchor point,…

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5 Tips for Outstanding Photography

Elise Portrait Featured Image

Here, at Tuna Traffic, we provide high-quality images and professional photography services to a wide range of businesses. From portraits to events to products, we can snap any type of photo to exemplify your business and drive more traffic to your website. We interviewed Tuna Traffic’s talented photographer, Elise Muehlenberg, to explore what goes on…

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A Healthy Dose of Marketing; You Are What You Eat.

Oh Lardy on Devices

Growing your own vegetables, making your own spices, shopping at local farmer markets and cooking your own meals, that’s a lot of work! But it’s what inspired Tamara and Kelly to create Oh Lardy, their very own website; to share their journey into the real food world and to show individuals that a healthy diet is not hard if you start with baby steps.

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A Peek Under the Sea: Lisa


In our series blog “A Peek Under the Sea” we continue our journey with Lisa Dodd, Tuna Traffic’s Senior Creative Lead. Lisa conceptualizes and creates brand consistent designs for a diverse client base. She combines traditional graphic art skills with interactive design expertise to deliver results for clients. No matter what challenge is presented by the…

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What Is It Like to Work at Tuna Traffic?

Sud ice bucket challenge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, you probably have seen, heard or participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge was to raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease) as well as donations for the disease. The campaign spread like wildfire through social media, raised over $100…

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It’s Always a Good Time at WordCamp Milwaukee

Fun at Wordcamp Milwaukee

WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 took place July 25-27 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education.  It was a weekend full of fun events for all WordPress lovers; including presentations, workshops and a rockin’ after-party.  The event was a huge success and a one-of-a-kind way for WordPress fanatics to network with each other. As always,…

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A Peek Under the Sea: Mike


This week we continue our journey with Mike Zielonka, Tuna Traffic’s Co-Founder and Director of Web Strategy. Mike manages day-to-day operations, handles the short term tactical planning for Tuna and acts as a Web Strategy consultant with clients of Tuna Traffic. He spends a significant portion of his time coaching Tuna Traffic customers on web…

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