We can all agree that the world of customer service is changing, transforming how we all do business. Regardless of the industry, from big box retailers, to down home mom and pop shops to global manufacturers to small town professionals, the way companies interact with their customers and build brand loyalty is different now than it was even five years ago. And by different, we mean challenging. And by challenging, we mean to make it in today’s marketplace, customer service must be more than good. It must be exceptional.

Here at Tuna Traffic, we know a lot about helping our customers use groundbreaking marketing and technology to deliver outstanding customer service. We’d like to share our know-how with 3 customer service must-haves that build brand loyalty.

Customer Service Must-Haves That Build Brand Loyalty: Outstanding UX

1. Outstanding UX

In the digital marketing world, these two capital letters can make or break your business as quickly as you can say, “Where’s the  ^%$&#* Sign In button on this page? ” UX refers to User Experience, and it can take the form of a lot of things. Big picture, UX is all about enhancing the user’s satisfaction by improving the accessibility and usability that occurs between a user and a product. In other words, it’s everything from the look and feel of a website to the ease of navigating to efficient purchasing to everything in between.

Let’s put it this way. You know bad UX instantly. Remember that time you had to enter in several fields of data so that you could buy that thing and when you finally finished entering all that information it somehow didn’t seem to save, and you couldn’t find it and you weren’t even sure if your credit card got charged? Or that time you searched through every menu on that site to get that form to register for that thing and when you somehow magically found the form, you kept getting error messages and there was no help button? Remember how in both cases you vowed never to use those businesses again? That’s bad UX and it’s a death sentence for any website.

Great UX shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be the foundation for everything you and your marketing and technology team discuss regarding your web presence.

Customer Service Must-Haves That Build Brand Loyalty: Smart, Responsive Design

2. Get Smart

As in smartphones, that is. It’s reported that as of 2016, there are 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide. By 2020? 6.1 billion. From January – March of 2016, our own Tuna Traffic site garnered 45% of our traffic from mobile users. Add to that 45% of US adults own tablets. To survive and thrive in this type of mobile market, your customer service better be laser focused on the mobile experience. What does that look like? A lot of things. Of course, it means your mobile site better be fast. Waiting for loading content is a thing of the past. And, of course it means responsive design. A non-responsively designed site is a deal breaker for your customer. Simply put, if your site doesn’t display seamlessly on a smartphone, then all is lost. Your customer will not only think your brand is living the 1990s, but the frustration factor alone will also cause them to disengage.

Those 2.6 billion users also like to use brand specific apps for their purchases. And, those 2.6 billion users like apps that are inviting and easy, developed and designed to build your brand’s recognition and breed loyalty. So, what’s critical to go along with that nicely tailored mobile platform? Integrated customer support. A recent study determined that 80% of respondents needed help using an app. And 25% said they were unlikely to purchase a product if they had to leave the app for customer support. Integrated customer support is key.

Customer Service Must-Haves That Build Brand Loyalty: Fast-Action Social Media

3. Step Up The Social

In 2015, two-thirds of all American adults (65%) were engaging in social media sites. To put that in perspective, that number was a mere 7% in 2005. These adults (perhaps you’re one of them) are using social media for a host of reasons with customer service support leading the pack. Perhaps your business is already dabbling in the social world, but could it be doing more to harness that brand loyalty?

Customers using social media for service support want help. They want answers. Like now. They measure response time in seconds, not minutes. And they want that support to be personalized and on point. Incorporating customer support on Facebook or Twitter delivers the immediacy and relevancy that your customers want, as long as it’s monitored daily for quick replies. And if Twitter’s 140 character limit gets in the way of handling the customer’s concern, new technologies, such as Tweet-to-call allows companies to get even more personal by tweeting back a custom link to inquiries received on Twitter, which instantly connects to someone who can handle your specific problem.

Every inquiry must be acknowledged and addressed in the turn of a dime to keep your customer engaged. It just makes the customer feel good. And, when you get right down to it, that’s what it’s all about.

Help For Keeping Up with The Virtual Jones’

The demands of delivering outstanding customer service can be a bit much. Especially if it’s not in your wheelhouse. But, it’s in ours. If you’re thinking, “How can I cultivate my customer experience?” We can help.

And, if you’re thinking, “These Tunas sound kinda savvy. Wonder what else they know?” Stay tuned. Our expert Tunas will be spreading their knowledge soon.


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