Custom Sidebars Header Customization

How to Create CSS Customizable Widgets with WordPress Custom Sidebars Plugin

We love a good sidebar. They can provide a dose of extra information, useful links, and easily accessible contact information. However, unique pages require unique sidebars, which is a problem posed by WordPress‘ default settings. Our favorite framework for WordPress is PageLines DMS, and they have a great recommendation to overcome this issue. The Custom Sidebars plugin. This plugin allows the designer to create any number of customized sidebars and assign them to whichever pages they’d like. Meaning the sidebar on your contact page can contain useful additional information, while your product pages contain sidebars with contact forms for questions….

Example of poor SEO friendly images

Avoid an Image Optimization Trap

Here at Tuna Traffic we’re always wading through the Great Marketing Reef, looking for better ways to help our clients inbound marketing. We strive to deliver SEO-friendly and great looking websites through WordPress and PageLines. We use images to accomplish both of those goals. Websites with great images are extremely appealing to users. They can demonstrate products, show-off work, and humanize a company. Plus, search engines prefer websites that utilize images IF search engines can read the images. Images are read by the search engine bots through “alternative text” which is written into the HTML. Alt text is a vital…

Lisa at Tuna Working with Pagelines

Pizza vs. PageLines DMS

Here at Tuna Traffic, there’s one question that haunts our thoughts day in and day out. One question that engages spirited Tuna Team discourse, nay heated monologues a la Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, “You need me on that wall. You want me on that wall!”

why pagelines 2 Milwaukee wordpress meetup

Using PageLines as a WordPress Theme Framework Keynote

Mike had an opportunity to present a keynote at a WordPress MKE MeetUp in up Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Mike had the pleasure of walking the group through why we use PageLines and why we think it’s the best framework/platform for WordPres Themes on the market. We have the 25 minute video of the PageLines keynote posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Check it out: For More Information on PageLines You Can Visit: