Work With Tuna Traffic

Here at Tuna Traffic, we like to ask questions. (More on that below.) Recently we polled our Tuna Team and asked, “If you met a seriously awesome marketing and technology sort, what would you tell him or her are the top 5 reasons to work at Tuna Traffic?”

We tabulated our responses and here’s our list. The envelope, please.

1. Fun

Fun is an overriding theme at Tuna Traffic. We revel in having fun while we work and working while we’re having fun. Is it knock-knock jokes 24/7? Well, no. (Thankfully. That would be painful.) We take our jobs seriously and are head-over-heels committed to delivering excellent, not average, work for our customers. And, although we usually don’t whistle while we work, we do Laugh Out Loud a lot. Generally speaking, if you’d prefer to work with smiling folk rather than grumpy McGrumpersons, Tuna Traffic might just be the place for you.

2. Flexible

Flexibility is key. And by that we don’t mean you’re ability to hold a downward dog yoga pose at a moment’s notice. (Though some members of our Tuna Team can do that, and it’s quite impressive.) We realize that if you’re working here at Tuna Traffic, you’re good (dare we say, great?) at what you do. We also realize that sometimes you need to do your greatness from home, during non-typical work hours or from a workspace far far away. Our work schedules are flexible. Plus, with so many cutting edge communication tools at our fins, that flexibility nicely inspires some amazing stuff which our customers love.

3. Forever Learning

Our Tuna culture is chalk full of curiosity. We’re eager to learn new things, try different paths and always always always ask questions. We’ve found that the more we ask, the more amazing our work is and the happier our customers are. We’ve also found that once we learn something outstanding, we like to share so we all can be rockstars. Learn. Teach. Grow. That’s a Tuna mantra we swim by.

4. Phenomenal Technology

We really believe that having the right tool for the job is a big reason we’re able to deliver great work to our customers. That’s why our entire Tuna Team benefits from the latest and greatest technology to get their work done better and easier. Whether it’s a Retina Macbook Pro, a nicely loaded Tablet or a full Adobe Creative Suite, our Designers, Developers, Social Media Gurus, Inbound Marketing Specialists and Creative Teams have easy access to smart ways to do what they do. And do it well.

5. Friends (Our Customers)

We’re in it to achieve mind blowing things for our customers now and for the long haul. Our customers may start out as customers, but they quickly become partners, collaborating in their success. Then, something magical happens. Our customers become our friends. It’s pretty sweet. And, in this day and age, pretty rare.

So, Why Should You Work Here?

Seriously, why shouldn’t you?

Ready to dip your fin in the water? Send us your resume. We’d love to chat.