Tuna Traffic Year in Review - 2020 Takeaways - Be Agile

Here at Tuna Traffic, closing out 2020 has put us in a reflective mood. It certainly has been a year like none other. So, we asked ourselves, “What three words best describe the past year at Tuna Traffic?” Our overwhelming answer?

Always Be Agile.

By definition, Tuna Traffic is an agile organization. Since our first day, we’ve been avid agile practitioners, meaning how we work makes it easy to pivot when things, like a global virus, cause us to adapt our work, change course, and create stability during an unstable time. So, when the pandemic hit close to home, we dove deeper into our agile ways with our Tuna Team and our clients. And, spoiler alert - it worked. Here are our 2020 takeaways.

Keep on Keeping on

With our agility kicking into overdrive, we continued to manage our workflow in two-week periods, or as we call it, Sprints. Our Well-Formed Teams knew that our Sprintly work rhythm would be the perfect fit for unpredictable times. Our clients saw it, too, as Sprints allow us to leverage our planning and production pace to meet their evolving needs. By delivering value to our clients in the shorter-term - whether it was a new website, ad campaign, UX upgrade, brand message, or anything in between, we never left our clients wondering, “What’s up with our marketing?”

Ride The Wave

There are so many words to describe 2020. Indeed, “unpredictable” is one of the top. And, for many of our clients, the pandemic’s unpredictability was a very bitter pill to swallow. There were so many unknowns. For some of our manufacturing clients, overseas and domestic supply chain instability brought on unexpected production issues. Could that impact a marketing campaign designed to promote a product that was now in short supply? Absolutely. Did we swiftly implement a Plan B? You betcha. Did we work hard to support our clients in seeing that the fundamentals remain strong although the landscape has shifted? Every single day.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Revamp Your Marketing

Not every client executed a Plan B. In fact, for some of our clients, both new and old, the pandemic provided an opportunity to evaluate their entire marketing strategies. We spent many a video conference answering those “Where do I start?” and “Now what?” questions. We call that combined effort of asking questions and strategizing; Tuna Traffic's business enhancement. For our new clients, this looked like learning about their brand, evaluating who they are and who they want to be. For our existing clients, this took the shape of analyzing tactics and exploring new opportunities to leverage efforts and drive results further. From creating brand voice guides to designing style tiles to fine-tuning lead generation programs, we were on it.

Seize the Moment

For some of our clients, the pandemic offered a unique opportunity to highlight their customers’ crucial work. We partnered with our client Shamrock Labels, a US-based manufacturer of healthcare labels, to launch a Combating Coronavirus: Real Stories. Real Solutions campaign. Through education and empathy, Shamrock Labels served as a compassionate resource to their customers, predominantly frontline healthcare workers providing critical medical care, in the eye of the storm. This campaign epitomized Shamrock Labels’ unwavering care and concern for their customers. And, to us Tunas, it sure felt good helping make it happen.

Yes, 2020 has been quite a year. For all the ups, downs, and in-betweens, Tuna Traffic successfully swam some very uncharted waters. And for that, we are thankful to our clients for swimming alongside us.

Happy New Year from Tuna Traffic!

Here’s to 2021. We’re ready to dive in.


Here at Tuna Traffic, we have one goal - to provide collaborative marketing services, agile web design and development, and strategic business enhancement that drive results.