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My Quintessa Apple Devices 2017

Leaving Our Beauty Mark: How Tuna Traffic Rejuvenated Quintessa Aesthetic Center Into A Beautiful (And Profitable) Web Presence

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When we started working with Quintessa Aesthetic Center, we realized our businesses are actually quite similar. Granted, one offers state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services and the other cutting-edge marketing and technology. But, our company missions are the same: to use our trusted expertise to provide results-driven value to our customers that propels their success. […]

Oh Lardy on Devices

A Healthy Dose of Marketing; You Are What You Eat.

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Growing your own vegetables, making your own spices, shopping at local farmer markets and cooking your own meals, that’s a lot of work! But it’s what inspired Tamara and Kelly to create Oh Lardy, their very own website; to share their journey into the real food world and to show individuals that a healthy diet is not hard if you start with baby steps.

Putting Some Muscle into Marketing

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At the core of Palmen Sports’ Athletic Republic Locations is their drive to be the best at what they do: Turn athletes into super athletes. Grounded in proven scientific methods and patented technology, Palmen Sports’ professional trainers, state-of-the-art facilities, and partnership with Advocare products is unmatched in the sports performance industry. They’ve worked with amateurs, […]

Modern Farmer Apple Devices 2017

Modern Farmer had a website, E-I-E-I-S-E-O.

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(To the tune of “Old McDonald Had a Farm.”) Modern Farmer had a website, E-I-E-I-S-E-O. And on that website, Tuna helped them out. E-I-E-I-S-E-O. With web consulting here and site maintenance there. Here some updates, there some monitoring. Everywhere some optimizing. Modern Farmer had a website, E-I-E-I-S-E-O. Tilling the Soil We here at Tuna Traffic […]