What is DirectedFlex®?

DirectedFlex® is a Sprintly (bi-weekly) workflow that adapts to drive emerging business opportunities for our clients. DirectedFlex is based on the Scrum Handbook and enables Tuna's unique way of working.

What Does DirectedFlex® Mean For You?

It starts with a partnership between you and our Tuna Team, an agile group led by an Engagement Leader and Delivery Production Lead. From cultivating a strong rapport with you, we identify GOs (short for Guidance and Objectives) that are derived straight from your client vision. It’s your business ambitions transformed into action.

Using adaptive, modern practices, our Tuna Team creates an understandable, responsive, and transparent workflow that:

  • Identifies and strengthens feedback loops
  • Eliminates ambiguity by clarifying processes
  • Reduces cost variability
  • Delivers value, early and often

Simply stated, DirectedFlex® means Better Teams, Better Vision, Better Results; coupled with relentless adaptation.

What Else Can DirectedFlex® Do For Your Business?


Capitalize on Market Opportunities

Unlock the potential of your growth with digital innovation and contemporary marketing; adaptable strategies custom to your field of work.


Utilize Technology to Outperform

Harness the latest software capabilities; custom development for automation, tools, applications, websites, site analytics and more.

Social Messaging

Responsive Communication with Our Leaders

Achieve better results through frequent review with your dedicated Engagement Owner and Delivery Production Lead.

Target (1)

Better Vision and Work Priorities

Understanding your goals and ambitions to produce desired results by encouraging strong rapport with you.

Is DirectedFlex® right for you?

We think so.