Why are we called Tuna Traffic?

The name Tuna Traffic sure is catchy.

(Get it? Fish? Catchy?)

But is there more to our name? Absolutely. After all, we’re experts at brand identity.

We needed a name that captured what made us different from the other fish in the sea. We needed a name that showcased our agility, our strength, our collaboration, and our drive.

Why the Tuna?

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The Tuna is versatile, swimming to the surface or diving deep.

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The Tuna is one of the most powerful and robust fish in the sea.

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The Tuna quickly adapts, changing course when necessary.

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The Tuna is streamlined and efficient, swimming at high speeds.

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The Tuna is a smart fish, learning faster than most land animals.

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The Tuna is one of the most commercially valuable fish in the world.

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The Tuna is a highly specialized species, continuously adjusting to its environment.

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The Tuna swims in schools, harnessing the collaborative energy of the group to get results.

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Our Vision

Since our first day of business in 2010, Tuna Traffic has focused on delivering collaborative marketing, agile development, and strategic results. How do we do this? By working differently than a traditional agency or professional services company. We are agile, innovative, and interactive, working in client-focused, cross-functional teams. Working this way allows us to put our clients’ needs first, building a deep understanding of their business, seeking feedback, and aligning with emerging needs and changing business objectives.

Our Values

What do we, as Tunas, stand for? We call them our 3 C’s, and they guide everything we do.

  • Courage

    We invite curiosity, creativity, and candor, respecting diverse thoughts, and supporting honest feedback.

  • Care

    We hold high standards for the quality of our work and our workplace, striving for pride in craftsmanship, not perfection.

  • Community

    We aim to balance work and play and are empowered to take good care of ourselves so we can contribute our best.

Our Story


Tuna Traffic is founded in Racine, WI, and starts operating business out of "The Barn."

Tuna's First Office - Shorewest Surety Barn


Tuna Traffic moves business to the "Tuna School," opening up room for team expansion as our client base continued to grow.

Tuna School Franksville Wi


Tuna Traffic celebrates its 5th anniversary of Business by designing and moving into "Tuna Traffic World Headquarters," a beautifully innovative workspace.

Tuna Traffic Headquarters located in Caledonia, WI

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