Your Success is Our Success!

Here’s how we get there together:


When you think of a Digital Marketing Agency,
you probably don’t think SPEED.

But you have never swum with an agency like ours.

Time is money, and we're not going to waste either.

We've developed an efficient process that allows us to share deliverables every two weeks.

How Do We Do That?

It’s something we created called DirectedFlex®.

DirectedFlex® transforms your business ambitions into action. In a partnership between you and our Tuna Team, we execute adaptive marketing strategies to achieve your marketing and growth goals.

What's Our Secret?

We work in Sprints.

Sprints are work cycles that last two weeks and foster a communicative, collaborative, focused partnership. During a Sprint, our team is laser-focused on priorities, which moves TO DO items to DONE.

How do we work?

Each client is assigned a cross-functional team.

Our cross-functional teams bring a wealth of specialized skills to the table. In addition, we provide each client a DPL, or main point of contact, who guides the cross-functional team. Together this group builds a deep understanding of your business.


The speed of our production is governed by consistency and clarity (two guides of our standard of care).


  • Start Of Sprint

    Sprints start with a collaborative prioritization and planning session. Here we identify backlog items and reprioritize all of your goals (no matter how old or new they are!)

  • During The Sprint

    We collaborate with you to create, design, and develop work that unites your goals and objectives. Here we ask for your feedback to keep deliverables accurate and on track.

  • End Of Sprint

    Before the Sprint ends, we present our results and share a review. Then, using retrospective data, we set new goals, make adjustments, and start a new Sprint. Rinse and repeat.


Here’s why we’re better than the rest of the fish in the sea...


You’re assigned a Delivery & Production Lead (DPL), together you take the plunge into the marketing deep end.

Communication is the foundation of our Sprints; you are involved in both Sprint Planning and Sprint Review.

Sprints mitigate surprises and clarify expectations - we’re always on the same page, thanks to constant collaboration and feedback from you!

Before we take on a project, we consider the bandwidth of each specialist and set realistic deadlines.

Sprints ensure that our team is focused on one task and complete it fully by the deadline.

We work with you! “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We collaborate with companies of all sizes - everything from Fortune 500 to startups.


They rotate their point people - so you never know who to follow up with.

There’s little to no communication, and often times that leaves you wondering - what are they doing?

Results are not presented until they are completely done - when it takes you 6 months to see a finished project that leaves a lot of room for error.

They have a massive roster of clients, and your brand may not be the priority.

Without a process, everyday distractions and unrelated tasks divert momentum and disorient outcomes.

No teaching or sharing here. They do all the work for the client, leaving you unsure of how to operate without an agency.

They will only work with Fortune 500 clients who have extremely large budgets.


This is what working with us looks like...

1. Discovery and Strategy

We start with our sprints with discovery and strategy. Here we learn everything about you, your team, your brand, and your goals. The key outcome of this Discovery Workshop is the Marketing Roadmap. Together we establish a backlog of work based on your goals and objectives and organize this work into a roadmap.

2: Strategy to Tactical

Next, we take the plunge from strategic to tactical. Our experts create engaging content, build SEO strategies, and prioritize digital advertising efforts. Here we work with you to dynamically convey your brand and drive online visibility and engagement.

3: Improve Customer Experience

At this phase, we focus on improving your customer’s experience. To help you deliver a streamlined experience, we build a robust infrastructure and customize configurations, so your customers don’t end up getting lost in the current.

4: The "Now What?" Phase

We call this the “Now What?” phase. We work with you to take your web presence to the next level, leveraging your business strategy, developing new tools, and delivering critical analysis to drive your results further.

Focus on your business, and we’ll expand your reach!

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