We have our fingers on the pulse of a pretty cool thing here at Tuna Traffic. A thing that differentiates us from the pack, making  it clear we are not just any ol’ technology and marketing firm in the sea. That thing is our love of Scrum.

Scrum? What’s Scrum?

Tuna Traffic Scrum WheelScrum is:

a. A trans fat free, fish based nutrient we sprinkle on our pizza.

b. A new age polymer found in floor wax and the Mars exploration rover.

c. An Agile methodology that focuses our team’s energy and makes us successful and our clients happy.

While there’s no denying we love us some pizza, the correct answer is C. Scrum is an agile methodology that focuses our team’s energy and makes us successful and our clients happy. Dare we say, it’s a radical way of working where our efforts center on listening to our clients, adapting our work to what our clients need at any given time and delivering the best product.

So,What Does That Look Like?

That looks like working in an environment where:

  • We value People  over Practices. We understand that solving complex problems is team driven, requiring brainpower and coloring outside the lines.
  • We recognize that every decision we make is grounded in constant feedback from our team and our clients.
  • We realize that reality trumps expectations. When these two don’t match, it’s the expectations that change.

Tuna Traffic Scrum Stand Up Meeting

Stand Up Time!

Sprints and Stand Ups

We manage our work so that it can be initiated, detailed and completed in progressive steps. We break our work down into Sprints, or work cycles that last 2-3 weeks. By limiting the work in progress and focusing on the work being done right now, we maximize the amount of work possible and enhance project quality. To facilitate the process, we begin each sprint with a planning session and end each sprint with a review, to capture our learning and build upon it. 

We start each day with a 5-10 minute Stand Up meeting where we literally stand up and briefly share what we’re working on and identify any stumbling blocks. It’s our way of not only revving our team engine, but reaching out for help and moving our work forward in an incredibly effective manner.


So, now you’re thinking, “This is pretty nifty, but what’s in it for me?

Simply put, a better product for our clients.

All of this behind-the-scenes Scrum mumbo jumbo means we’re not spending our time, isolated in a cubicle, trying to shove a square peg in a round hole because that’s what we were told to do. We’re adapting, we’re collaborating, we’re learning, we’re teaching and we’re growing. And, more than anything, we’re constantly and we mean constantly, asking for feedback from our clients.

That feedback drives the whole Scrum train. By sharing with our clients throughout the entire development process and asking for their input we…well…we get things done right early on. Not only do our clients get what they need, they usually get it more quickly than they anticipated. That makes for a pretty attractive R.O.I.

To quote Mike Zielonka, our fearless Co-Founder and Director of Web Strategy,

“We minimize failures because we have constant feedback loops (sprints) in place.”

In other words, we don’t just hand our clients a product and proclaim, “Done.” Our devotion to ongoing communication means less frustration and more collaboration, which equals really good product development and really happy clients. And that, my friends, is why we love Scrum.

So, whether we’re designing a new web presence, implementing a marketing campaign or are knee deep custom developing a host of other innovations,  our clients are reaping the rewards of what we’ve sown.

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