What are Leadership Attractors? We think of Leadership Attractors as our own distinctly Tuna way to shape our thoughts and actions, as a team and as individuals. We call them Leadership Attractors, not values or standards because they do more than set expectations. They attract our thinking, and in the process inspire and mobilize each of us to take on our own leadership role within our team.

Laugh Often Smile Leadership Attractor Tuna Traffic
Eliminate Confusion Leadership Attractor
Bias for Action Leadership Attractor

Laugh Often and Smile.

We know when to be serious and also when to not take ourselves too seriously. We recognize that there’s a whole lot of power in something as simple as a smile. We like to harness that power, within our team and with our clients, to do great things.

No Head Works Alone.

We spawn greatness when we put our heads together. If our wheels begin to spin, we seek out those who offer a differing, and often unconventional and ingenious, perspective to help us.

Bias for Action.

We hate dirty dishes, meaning we don’t let our work pile up. We move early and often, seeking out feedback from our clients and our team; taking action, learning and reflecting. One fin at a time.

KISS (Keep It Seriously Simple).

In everything we do, we search for elegant solutions that are clear, clean and simple; grounded in best practices, not in bells and whistles. Because simply put, that’s what always works best.

Deliver Quality Products at a Sustainable Pace

It’s a Goldilocks thing – to produce great work at a rate that is not too fast and not too slow, but just right; where we can discover, design and deliver at a comfortable, consistent, and challenging pace.

Avoid and Eliminate Confusion.

We take great pains to reduce confusion and gain clarity so that we deliver the right product at the right time. We strive to be consummate analysts, frequently inspecting and adapting to meet our clients’ needs.

Clean Up.

The reality is that work, especially complex work that we love, is beautifully messy. We “clean as we go,” meaning each of us goes to great lengths to keep our work prioritized, organized, and squeaky clean.

Learn and Grow.

Our losses are just as important as our wins. We measure our success by how we grow from the lessons we have learned; lessons that come from the best and the worst of our experiences.

The Art of The Possible.

We focus on what can be done, rather than what can’t. We are Agile; pledging to do the greatest work with what we have. We strive to avoid paralysis in a quest for the ultimate in perfection.