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Tuna’s Well-Formed Teams: Helping Your Business Reach the Finish Line

When you think about high-performance racing, you probably envision the racetrack, the cars, and especially the person behind the wheel - the driver.

But believe it or not, there’s more that goes into winning a race than just the talent and expertise of the driver. In fact, a single race car driver has a High-Performance Racing Team made up of hundreds of people behind them that all hold agile values.

There’s more that goes into winning a race than just the talent and expertise of the driver.

The same is true for your business. The driver (the business owner) is supported by a group of individuals with one clear goal: reach the finish line first. To achieve their goal, there are likely a variety of people with different skill sets involved in helping to drive success, from HR to operations to sales, marketing, and other vital functions.

Get In the Race With Tuna’s Well-Formed Teams & agile values

At Tuna Traffic, we have our own version of a High-Performance Racing Team, called a "Well-Formed Team or WFT." Our WFTs collaborate to reach many goals for our clients throughout a "race" (or in Tuna-terms, a Sprint, what we call our 2-week timeboxed work cycle. Sprints are what helps us maximize our work for you).

These goals put the pedal to the metal for our clients in a number of ways, from driving more traffic to new campaigns to developing creative, content, a new feature release, and basically any initiatives that create value.

When it comes to your digital marketing, reaching the finish line isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. You need to maintain agile values when following through on your strategy, engineering, analytics, and communication for your business to win.

And, unlike a traditional agency, we practice agile values in everything we do at Tuna. The rubber hits the road with our principles by focusing our Well-Formed Teams on a set of goals over 2-week increments that allow us to capture feedback, collaborate, and adjust as needed to align with new developments and changing business objectives.

One single person couldn’t possibly cover as much ground as Tuna’s Well-Formed Teams. Each Tuna brings something different and valuable to the mix to help our “drivers” (clients) fire on all cylinders.

Each Tuna brings something different and valuable to the mix to help our “drivers” (clients) fire on all cylinders.

No one person is more valuable than another. It’s the sum of contributions and effort of each team member that drives value for our clients.

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Drivers, Start Your Engines

A Well-Formed Team at Tuna functions much like a high-performance racing team to help your business. Here’s how we stack up:

Engagement Owner - Team Boss Icon

Engagement Owner

(Team Boss)

The Engagement Owner focuses on managing the relationship between your organization and your Well-Formed Team of Tunas.

Delivery and Production Lead - Commercial Director Icon

Delivery & Production Lead
(Commercial Director)

The Delivery & Production Lead (DPL) manages strategic and tactical planning, results, progress, and retrospective. The DPL is also responsible for day-to-day client support.

Web Developer - Technical Director Icon

Web Developer
(Technical Director)

Our highly skilled developers have a need for speed (and function). Tuna developers can build everything from websites to new features and functionality with great care and attention given to the user experience at every turn. Whatever your business goals may be, we can develop solutions to meet them.

Content Creator - Chief Aerodynamicist Icon

Content Creator
(Chief Aerodynamicist)

Tuna writers create content that “reduces drag” when it comes to your customers understanding how your business can add value. We create a range of written and visual content, from blogging to adding web pages to creating video to resources. All content is optimized to connect with your key audiences.

Designer - Chief Designer Icon

(Chief Designer)

It’s not just the car itself, but the design that can make all the difference. The same is true for design. Our creative team has an eye for building a brand from the ground up or simply refreshing a classic look, and best practices for user experience and mobile-first web design.

Digital Marketing Specialist - Chief of R&D Icon

Digital Marketing Specialist
(Chief of R&D)

Like a Chief of Research & Development, innovation is the name of the game for our Digital Marketing Specialists. From the latest in search engine optimization and automation to digital advertising and more, our digital team members are always on the cusp of what’s trending.

Business Owner - Driver Icon

Business Owner

As the business owner, you are in the driver’s seat - buckle up! Through your desire to be the best, you create the vision for your business. Your DPL at Tuna takes this vision to the Well-Formed Team and serves as the driving force behind the execution and results. We take a collaborative approach to everything we do and work closely with you to ensure we’re hitting the mark every step of the way.

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A Well-Formed Team Puts Your Agility On the Fast Track

When you enlist the help of Tuna’s Well-Formed Team, it will accelerate your business’ agility to responding to change, minimizing failure, and improving feedback loops to maximize value. That’s because our goal is the same as yours: to win.

When you work with Tuna Traffic, your business has the power and expertise of an entire team with unmatched agile values at your disposal, leveraging the strengths of each team member to do great work.

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