When you think of marketing, you generally think of a cohesive message from a business to an audience and wouldn’t immediately think of a Sandra Bullock thriller on Netflix, unless you were born yesterday. In the event you’ve been living under a rock, Bird Box is the new go-to thriller on Netflix about an ominous unseen presence, that has driven most of society’s demise. The main character, a single mother played by Sandra Bullock, is trying to navigate her and her two children through an apocalyptic-type world, to safety, with the aid of blindfolds.

It may not be your cup of tea, but we’re pretty certain if you’ve not simply heard of the movie, you have seen one of the many, many, MANY memes created from a still of the movie being shared all over social media.

Tuna Traffic Digital Marketing - Plot Bird Box Meme
Tuna Traffic Digital Marketing - PTA Bird Box Meme

While it hasn’t been disclosed what the budget was to market the release of the film, a total of 45 million accounts streamed Bird Box within the first week of its release. Most of that digital marketing legwork was done by social media users. If someone commented, liked or shared something about the movie, anyone and everyone on their friends list could have seen it, potentially piquing their interest. If one of those interested friends also commented, liked or shared something about the movie, then everyone on that person’s friends list could do the same. You get where this is going. In this process, all Netflix would have done is release the trailer.

The purpose of digital marketing is to introduce a product or a service to a market and generate relationships with your audience with visual appeal.

One of the fun things about digital marketing is how customizable it is. For instance, here at Tuna Traffic when a client comes in, they may or may not have an idea for a campaign, but because of our expansive expertise in digital marketing (email marketing, SEM, social advertising and recruitment marketing) we’re able to help them pinpoint their audience, message, and deliver some serious results. Plus, we work on every project as a Well-Formed Team, which means we incorporate Agile methodology to provide our clients several experts to listen to their needs, adapt work, and produce the best product.

But wait, there’s more. Did we mention how our DirectedFlex and Discovery Workshops push that digital marketing customization to the strategic nth degree? Our DirectedFlex® clients benefit from Discovery Workshops, an in-depth business analysis which is key to building a B2B marketing strategy, that could include digital marketing campaigns and various other needs, to help your business grow, learn, and meet your objectives. That’s the digital marketing icing on the cake.

When something goes viral, it also becomes a touchstone in its time of popularity. (Remember Drake’s Kiki, do you love me dance?) And although “viral sensations” are hard to quantify on a platform like Twitter where frequently-used hashtags show what’s trending, you can somewhat gauge its reach as well as the longevity. But beware, when it comes to social media, users are fickle and what’s viral today, may only be a memory tomorrow.

As of right now, Bird Box is still viral, so the Tuna Team is riding the wave! Even though Netflix didn’t need to do much beyond their initial launch, and they’ve been able to sit comfortably on the sidelines while their subscribers/social media followers did most of the work, it’s still in the most simple form, effective marketing.

However, most organizations don’t have the kind of luck Netflix did, so that’s where Tuna Traffic swims in. With our vast capabilities to create and design groundbreaking websites, digital marketing campaigns, and social media management (not to mention custom app development, SEO, and interactive market analysis) we’re ready to dive in and help you achieve Bird Box-like marketing success. To learn more about our services, click here.

And that, my friends, is the power of Digital Marketing.


Not even the Milwaukee Bucks mascot, Bango can escape the Bird Box phenomenon.
Bucks Mascot Bango Hopping On The Bird Box Bandwagon


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