As 2018 winds down, your business is undoubtedly reflecting on how the year went and thinking about what’s next. How did your marketing efforts go and how do you know? What are your business goals in 2019? And how will your B2B marketing strategy drive these goals?

At Tuna, our Discovery Workshops are flying off the shelves. This is because of how invaluable this kind of planning is for businesses just like yours.

From in-depth questionnaires to customer empathy mapping, buyer journey exercises and more, we leave no stone unturned. In-depth customer analysis is key to building a B2B marketing strategy around points of need in your customer’s buying journey.

The outcome? A comprehensive roadmap tailored to your business with clear, measurable action items to help you achieve your goals. If that sounds like a good way to start the new year, then read on.

Supercharge Your B2B Marketing Strategy

With the participation of key team members, Tuna Traffic Discovery Workshops cover a lot of ground. We use a tried and true framework to gain a deeper understanding of your industry, your business, and your current marketing efforts to prioritize marketing activities.

If you don’t devote this kind of time to your marketing strategy, you’re not alone.

We recently heard from a new client at Tuna who is preparing his team to participate in a Discovery Workshop. He shared how he made an important shift to prioritize marketing to remain competitive:

“I feel we’re at a point as a business where marketing as a function can’t be viewed as an underinvested, secondary function,” he explained. “It’s critical that, for us to remain competitive, we invest in and develop our marketing capabilities to the level of sophistication of the large corporate firms in our industry.”

“It’s critical that, for us to remain competitive, we invest in and develop our marketing capabilities to the level of sophistication of the large corporate firms in our industry.”

How It Works

Our Discovery Workshops lay the foundation to do just that. From pre-Workshop preparation and the event itself, to the development of your Agile Technology and Marketing Roadmap, Discovery Workshops provide the tools, discussion, and analysis necessary to identify and align technology and marketing action items with your goals.

But it doesn’t end there. The Findings Report that results from the Discovery Workshop process often serves as the catalyst for shifting into Tuna Traffic’s DirectedFlex® program. This is where we bring the Workshop planning to fruition.

Curious about Tuna’s innovative DirectedFlex® workflow? Click to learn more.

“The Discovery Workshop conducted by Tuna Traffic was a real eye-opener for the team at Shamrock Labels,” said Kevin Gerhard, General Manager of Shamrock Labels. “We were able to get multiple types of sales/marketing staff in the room at one time to have a really productive conversation about who our customers really are, segmenting them properly to determine what products/services should be advertised and to which targets.”

“The Discovery Workshop conducted by Tuna Traffic was a real eye-opener.”

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Don’t Put Your Marketing on the Backburner

Before working with Tuna, our newest client admitted that marketing was viewed as a “secondary responsibility to sales and customer service.” But now, with the Discovery Workshop, they’re putting marketing at the front and center of what they do going into 2019.

“It’s always hard to find the time to get away for a day,” Gerhard said. “But doing so was the beginning of a critical step to developing a robust and relevant marketing strategy.”

We’re here to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your B2B marketing strategy in 2019, and our Discovery Workshops are a great place to start.

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