Riding Out The Post-Covid Wave - Breakdown of Ad Spend

Riding Out The Post-COVID Digital Marketing Wave

First off, the universal truth about COVID-19: It has exponentially accelerated digital marketing, especially how your customers engage with your company and purchase your products.

What does this mean for the digital marketplace? It’s more crowded and competitive, most noticeably in paid advertising. Simply put, businesses will need to do more and invest more to break through, get noticed, and grow sales. We’ve included the graph below; it’s worth 1000 words, showing how US search ad spend is increasing by leaps and bounds and is predicted to exceed pre-pandemic expectations for 2022 to 2024. Based on what we’ve seen in April and May, we think this graph understates the shift to digital ad spend. Meaning, we’re anticipating growth in ad spend by an additional 20% over and above this forecast.

Search Ad Spend Forecast

There’s another important COVID-19 universal truth, too. We, as a country, are experiencing inflation. Simply put, things cost more. For many of our clients, the pandemic has caused supply chain disruptions and labor constraints, coupled with low supply and high demand - all translating into cost increases across all business areas. We have partnered with some of you to address this new reality, helping you communicate with your customers and position your company for a resilient post-pandemic future.

So, what about your digital marketing efforts? It’s vital to plan with strategy but execute with agility. Focus on customer-centric solutions and embrace digital initiatives, such as increased ad spend. Now, more than ever, take the time to assess and adapt your marketing goals and objectives to a post-pandemic economy and digital marketplace. Anticipate and adjust your messaging and methods, spark new ideas, and refine the ideas that work. These efforts will aid your business in riding out the wave to emerge more robust, competitive, and stronger than ever.

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