The Problem with the typical Marketing Funnel

And the solution we’re implementing.

You’re probably familiar with the Marketing Funnel. A typical Marketing Funnel starts with the Awareness Stage at the top and then funnels (funny how that works, huh?) into the Consideration Stage, Conversion Stage, Loyalty Stage, and Advocacy Stage. Gravity (and physics) tells us that those moved from the top should end up at the bottom and at the bottom - the converted customers sit. That’s because the Marketing Funnel model is a linear strategy - that doesn’t account for customers skipping through stages. But times are a changing, and today’s prospects can enter at any stage of the process.

For example, prospects can completely skip the Awareness Stage by googling “company or product reviews.” This century-old model negates the significant change in the way customers learn about brands and shop for products in the digital age. Today, prospects can walk themselves through the buying process without ever speaking with customer service or a salesperson. (And this is how we help our clients - we help design, automate and personalize these digital touchpoints. - Learn More Here)

But that’s not the only problem with a Marketing Funnel. It also works off the idea that once a customer makes a purchase, their involvement with your brand is over. So all of that time you just spent generating the lead, nurturing the sale, and building a relationship is essentially wasted. (Insert: horror face)

And so we’ve adopted the Flywheel Model and married it to the typical Marketing Funnel, taking the best pieces of both so that our strategies are digitally sustainable. It’s still important to come up with strategies for each funnel stage because prospects expect personalized communication. From the Conversion, Loyalty, or Advocacy stage - that’s where we let the Flywheel Model take over. The Flywheel Model corrects that bottom-funnel momentum issue and instead focuses strategies on the happiness of the customer.

Still not sure? Consider these three Flywheel Model advantages:

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Leverage Momentum

Flywheel solves the typical Marketing Funnel hindrance by focusing on the “What Now?” and “How do we get past customers to come back or buy more?” Setting you up for return customers and upsell potential.

Online Reputation Management means you must respond to every interaction

Improve Referrals

With customers at the center of your strategies, their happiness is in focus. And when done consistently, these delighted customers will be happy to promote your brand and send more business your way. Which will ultimately help drive the growth of your business, year after year.

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Optimize Internal Processes

No more waiting for leads to be handed off. The Flywheel model eliminates team friction and allows for more direct customer feedback - improving company and product processes.

Do you think the Flywheel Model could be right for your business? It sure has its advantages! And if you’re tired of the up and down Funnel movement, we encourage you to reach out. We’re here to help you build a Flywheel/Funnel Marketing Strategy for your business.

Keep the Flywheel Spinning. Get Your Customers to Come Back

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