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Responsive Website Web Design

The mobile marketing age is here. And whether you view it as a rebellion or a renaissance, there is no denying the incredible impact mobile technology is having on how we do business.

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A July 2012 Google study found that in the last two years, mobile search traffic has increased five-fold. How do you position your website to be cutting edge in a constantly changing mobilized world? How do you use today’s technology to enhance your marketing efforts; making it smarter, meaningful, more customer-focused and revenue-producing?

One Size Does Not Fit All

Milwaukee Responsive Design Expert Showing Tunatraffic.com on iPadIt’s frustrating, unprofessional and affects your bottom line. The scrolling, panning, resizing that occurs when you are trying to view a website on your mobile device. Your website might have looked great on your computer monitor, but on your smartphone or your tablet, it just doesn’t work. Viewing is hard. Reading is even harder. The result? As quickly as you could have reached a customer, you have lost them.

With Google’s findings that 75% of customers prefer mobile-friendly sites (Google prefers responsive sites over mobile sites too), as web designers and developers, we realized the need for a fundamental change in how we build websites. The need to think ‘mobile first’ in everything we create and to put the customer’s viewing experience as a priority one. The solution is Responsive Web Design.  Responsive websites ‘respond’ to their environment in a way that previously designed websites could not. Responsive websites deliver an optimal viewing experience no matter how large or small their display. By designing your website responsively, you guarantee easy reading and navigation, beautifully rendered not just on desktops, but on smartphones and tablets.

At the beginning of our web design process at Tuna Traffic, we work with our clients to figure out the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’  ‘Why’ should we be building websites for specific mobile devices? And ‘what’ should those websites look like on each device? We take the ‘Goldilocks approach’ and look at building websites that are not too big or too small for specific devices, but just right.

The results speak for themselves. To see responsive web design in action: go to TunaTraffic.com on your iphone, ipad and laptop or resize the browser window on your laptop and see the website respond to size.

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