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It’s All In the Numbers

Making marketing decisions without analytics and reporting is like skydiving with an unpredictable parachute. We can help you understand your current visitors, plan out new targets, identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and deliver actionable reports. That way, you’re constantly improving practices over time with the data to back it up.

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Analytics and Reporting Services

We’ll help you identify goals and figure out how to crush them.

Identifying Key Performance Indicators Analytics and Reporting Services

Identifying Key Performance Indicators

What kind of goals do you have for growing your business? Generally, when we first ask this question, we’ll get responses like, “Drive more sales” or “Bring us more leads.” We’ll work to push you beyond that and think about both good benchmarks for your business and the metrics we can use to track progress on these benchmarks. If you’re just starting out, awareness campaigns that focus on successes in impressions and pageviews might be a good jumping off point. If you’re looking to tip the sales scales, we can look at conversions or revenue for specific products. KPIs are different for every business, and when we work with you, it’s anything but one-size-fits-all.

Automated or Custom Reporting Analytics and Reporting Services

Automated or Custom Reporting

Are you looking at getting basic vital metrics weekly or monthly? Or maybe you’re looking for something deeper? We will tailor make a reporting option that works for you. We can help identify patterns in data, big or small, and help you make timely marketing decisions. We can also help you see when unexpected things come up, like a spike or dip in traffic. We’ll keep a finger on the pulse for you, so you can keep your mind on other things.

Web Analytics Analytics and Reporting Services

Web Analytics

A healthy web presence requires a solid understanding of how visitors find your website and what they do once they visit. We configure precise analytics and reporting, interpret traffic data and customer insight, links, social data and SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position), allowing you to fine tune for conversions that you need while leveraging your position in the market. We can help you set up goals, track conversions, map your users’ behavior, and better understand the returns on your investments.

Research Analytics and Reporting Services


If you’re looking to learn more about your competition, audit your current social presence, analyze what content you should be writing more of, or are interested in the growing trends in your industry, we can help you get to the bottom of your questions with the research that matters most to you. Instead of wondering or guessing, we help arm you with data that can backup your hunches or run counter to your previously conceived notions. Whatever the results, it’ll get you one step closer to a more informed approach to business decisions.

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