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Always keep content strategy in mind, whether it’s blogging, adding web pages, or creating video and resources, having a plan to publish and promote fresh, optimized content regularly and consistently is one of the best things your business can do to get discovered online.

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Explore how we can amp up your content and SEO strategies to help your business get found online and add value for your audience.

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Content Strategy

Creating content in a vacuum will only get you so far. Having a content strategy ensures your business is taking an informed approach to creating, optimizing, and promoting content and that your efforts are directly tied to your business goals. A comprehensive content audit will help identify gaps and opportunities that will drive planning and, eventually, the development of a content calendar. This approach will help you maximize the content you already have while keeping your efforts to create new content focused.

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Content Development

From blogs, social posts and case studies to visual content like videos and infographics, we can help put your content strategy into motion. And remember: Content strategy is not just about creating brand new content - in fact, there is a lot of value in finding ways to enhance and repurpose existing content that is already performing well. We help with that, too!

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Email Marketing

Email is a highly relevant channel to reach customers. As organic reach on social media continues to decline, email marketing is an increasingly important way to communicate with customers. And, for 86% of professionals, email is their preferred communication channel (HubSpot). The term “email marketing” may elicit images of e-newsletters, but this doesn’t even scratch the surface. At Tuna, we aim to develop email marketing programs that convert visitors, close leads, and delight customers by delivering highly targeted content and product offerings at every step of the funnel.

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Social Media Strategy & Engagement

If your business doesn’t have a presence on social media (or worse, your business is there but you’re not active), you’re missing out! 28% of consumers have said they use social for product research (HootSuite). If that weren’t enough, many consumers look to a company’s social media activity and following (or lack thereof) for social proof, which is anything that may lead them to fully trust your brand. At Tuna Traffic, we can help you develop a social media strategy that makes sense for your business, plus create and manage posts, conduct social listening, review and address customer feedback, and even create an influencer marketing plan. We can also create digital marketing campaigns to help take your social media strategy to the next level.

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At Tuna Traffic, our Discovery Workshops provide the tools, discussion, and analysis necessary to identify and align technology and marketing action items with your goals.


"The Discovery Workshop conducted by Tuna Traffic was a real eye-opener for the team at Shamrock Labels.  We were able to get multiple types of sales/marketing staff in the room at one time to have a really productive conversation about who our customers really are, segmenting them properly to determine what products/services should be advertised and to which targets. It’s always hard to find the time to get away for a day but doing so was the beginning of a critical step to developing a robust and relevant marketing strategy."


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