In 2010, 3Back was confronted with the challenge of synergizing two core but distinct business models: Scrum Product Development and Scrum Training and Coaching. To overcome this barrier, 3Back helped found Tuna Traffic, LLC, a sister company. Tuna Traffic is a minority-owned, small business that provides web development and inbound marketing services. Tuna Traffic’s work process closely aligns with how 3Back uses modern Scrum to coach and train.
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3Back is Tuna Traffic’s premier partner in the area of Scrum training and consulting. 3Back works closely with Tuna Traffic to develop it’s business model and improve the autonomous nature of their scrum teams.

Tuna Traffic provides many services to 3Back, especially in the nurturing of 3Back’s web presence. 3Back has reached many of it’s marketing development goals through the value added professional services provided by Tuna Traffic.

In addition, Tuna Traffic provides the development team responsible for Get To Done as a core product and works closely with 3Back to augment the tool in keeping with the principles of Scrum. All enhancements and features added to the product are inspired from day-to-day consulting and use. 3Back, as the senior company, maintains full Product Ownership of Get To Done.

Both Tuna Traffic and 3Back continue to partnering closely together and are expanding the number of products being developed.