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Social Media

Creation and Connection

The instant power of social media not only joins you to people interested in your brand and your business, it fosters a loyal community of supporters, blazing a trail of income producing traffic. Our team creates YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn accounts, connecting you to the most immediate and valuable word of mouth advertising available.

Reputation Monitoring

Through Reputation Monitoring, we provide a precise snapshot of your customer base, scour the internet for product reviews or posts that reflect your business and ensure accurate and consistent information across the web. The result, a strengthened and socially savvy online presence, positioning you for the future.

Social Analytics

Social Analytics paint a comprehensive picture of your community of supporters. Our data identifies customer trends and opinions, from which Tweets get the greatest reply to what time of day posts get the most comments. Social Analytics is timely, detailed and knowledgeable, giving you the tools to thoroughly understand and accommodate your community, for a social media campaign that really sticks.

Social Management

As your navigator, we tailor a social media campaign with targeted social interaction, grounded in solid customer feedback and social analytics.  We are your Social Marketing Department,  creating and managing posts, reviewing and answering customer questions and comments, promoting business related products and generating buzz around common points of interest for you and your customer.  Excitement and interaction is social media at its best, building not only rapport with your customer, but an indelible bond.