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Discovery Workshops: Plan a Brilliant B2B Marketing Strategy for 2019


As 2018 winds down, your business is undoubtedly reflecting on how the year went and thinking about what’s next. How did your marketing efforts go and how do you know? What are your business goals in 2019? And how will your B2B marketing strategy drive these goals? At Tuna, our Discovery Workshops are flying off…

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GDPR Compliance: What is It and Should I Be Worried About It?

GDPR compliance header image: keyboard and coffee

GDPR compliance can be confusing, but Tuna Traffic is here to help you through it Unless you haven’t been reading your emails for the past couple months, you’ve probably heard something about GDPR compliance. You’ve at least noticed that basically every website you use is updating their privacy policies. So, what is the GDPR? Should…

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10 Adobe Illustrator Tips for Digital Marketers

10 Adobe Illustrator Tricks Digital Marketers Should Know

Does the little orange icon scare you? Don’t let it. Check out the slides below and learn to love Illustrator. The abridged version follows: 1. Embrace Selection Tools The selection tool (black arrow) allows you to select a whole shape or whole group. The direct selection tool (white arrow) allows you to select an individual anchor point,…

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Work At Tuna Traffic

Tuna Traffic Careers

  Here at Tuna Traffic, we like to ask questions. (More on that below.) Recently we polled our Tuna Team and asked, “If you met a seriously awesome marketing and technology sort, what would you tell him or her are the top 5 reasons to work at Tuna Traffic?” We tabulated our responses and here’s…

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5 Tips for Outstanding Photography

Elise Portrait Featured Image

Here, at Tuna Traffic, we provide high-quality images and professional photography services to a wide range of businesses. From portraits to events to products, we can snap any type of photo to exemplify your business and drive more traffic to your website. We interviewed Tuna Traffic’s talented photographer, Elise Muehlenberg, to explore what goes on…

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Putting Some Muscle into Marketing

At the core of Palmen Sports’ Athletic Republic Locations is their drive to be the best at what they do: Turn athletes into super athletes. Grounded in proven scientific methods and patented technology, Palmen Sports’ professional trainers, state-of-the-art facilities, and partnership with Advocare products is unmatched in the sports performance industry. They’ve worked with amateurs,…

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The Recipe for Cooking up a Blogtastic Website

Whole Lifestyle Nutrition Apple Devices 2017

We at Tuna Traffic just want to issue this mouthwatering warning. Your tummy might not be growling right now, but we pretty much guarantee it will be, once you’ve read this sweet and savory post about our friend Halle Cottis and her delicious creation, Whole Lifestyle Nutrition.

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Google Places for Local Search Optimization

Google Places Logo

Google Places controls the business listings for Google Maps and Google Search. By verifying your Google Places listing, the business owner gets control of their listing. They can then customize their listing for visitors in Google Places. Google Places also has advanced features such as: deals, website, video, or photo spotlight, analytics and targeted advertising…

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Site Barnacling

Creating links to your website that have almost nothing to do with your business. This practice is considered a “b…

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