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Computational Photography: The New Mainstream

Computational Photography | Tuna Traffic

We rely on our phones for everything, because really, is there anything they can’t do? Our phones have become our calendars, our GPS, credit cards, cameras, and everything in between. In fact, I went to a friend’s wedding where the professional photographer was replaced by 75 smartphones. The day was documented through the guests’ photos…

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The Ultimate Checklist For Hiring An Inbound Marketing Agency

Ultimate Checklist For Hiring An Inbound Marketing Agency Header Image | Tuna Traffic

When you’re in the market to hire an inbound marketing agency, it can feel like you’ve entered a new and strange dating scene, looking to make the right match. As much as that thought may make you audibly groan, the reality is, there’s a little bit of matchmaking in finding the right technology and marketing…

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4 Expert Tips To Creating Content That Connects

Lori TunaTraffic Senior Writing Guru

As Senior Writing Guru for Tuna Traffic, I craft a whole lot of original content for a myriad of customers. While I am indeed a ghost writer (you’ll never see my name in a customer’s blog byline, for example) I prefer to think of myself as more of a content chameleon, transforming my words to…

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Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Team Sign Photo

It’s official. The new Tuna Traffic World Headquarters is officially branded. Our new, beautiful, innovative workspace is now proudly sporting a new, beautiful Tuna Traffic sign. Sign of the Times We love our new office. It’s got bells, whistles and most importantly, a really smart group of Tunas diving deep to deliver the latest in…

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WordCamp Milwaukee Show and Tell

Speaker and Sponsor Dinner Collage

WordCamp Milwaukee was, in a word, awesome. Our Tuna Team spent three action-packed days presenting, participating and playing. If you weren’t lucky enough to join the WordCamp Milwaukee party, we share with you some WordCamp Milwaukee highlights from our talented Tunas. First off, we present our divine developer, Emma Edgar who enlightened and entertained a…

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Work At Tuna Traffic

Tuna Traffic Careers

  Here at Tuna Traffic, we like to ask questions. (More on that below.) Recently we polled our Tuna Team and asked, “If you met a seriously awesome marketing and technology sort, what would you tell him or her are the top 5 reasons to work at Tuna Traffic?” We tabulated our responses and here’s…

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More CowCam

Never Rest Dairy Cows

Our friends at Modern Farmer, the award winning quarterly print publication, digital magazine and website are on to something. They’ve learned that our love of farm animals extends far beyond State Fairs, Charlotte’s Web and kindergarten field trips. From coast to coast, through metropolitan centers and great plains, across the pond and across the beltway,…

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A Peek Under the Sea: Lori

Lori Writing Guru Work Station

When our fearless co-founder and world-renowned pizza connoisseur, Mike Zielonka, asked me to pen a blog revealing a behind the scenes glimpse  of my senior writing guru work set up, I said, “Mike, who’d want to read that?” His response was “Your desk has character and your fingers have magic. I think people will like…

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