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First Look at the Book: Closing Time by Larry Cockerel

First Look at the Book Closing Time by Larry Cockerel

Thanks to the Sales Development Pro: Larry Cockerel for sending Tuna Traffic an autographed copy of his book: Closing Time: 123 Simple Strategies To Achieve Greater Sales Success.  If you selling any product or service, we highly recommend picking up Larry’s newest book. [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”Sqra4jvsVJo”]

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All American Sud (Digital Short) – Learn How to Juggle Oranges

how to juggle oranges all american sud

Mike and Sud had a creative burst of energy on Thursday and made a digital short at the office.  The title of the film is: “All American Sud – Learn How to Juggle Oranges”.  This video was shot using a black iPhone 4s running iOs 5.1 with iMovie.  Enjoy and We Encourage You to Comment…

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