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My Quintessa Apple Devices 2017

Leaving Our Beauty Mark: How Tuna Traffic Rejuvenated Quintessa Aesthetic Center Into A Beautiful (And Profitable) Web Presence

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When we started working with Quintessa Aesthetic Center, we realized our businesses are actually quite similar. Granted, one offers state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services and the other cutting-edge marketing and technology. But, our company missions are the same: to use our trusted expertise to provide results-driven value to our customers that propels their success. […]

Oh Lardy on Devices

A Healthy Dose of Marketing; You Are What You Eat.

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Growing your own vegetables, making your own spices, shopping at local farmer markets and cooking your own meals, that’s a lot of work! But it’s what inspired Tamara and Kelly to create Oh Lardy, their very own website; to share their journey into the real food world and to show individuals that a healthy diet is not hard if you start with baby steps.

Lori Writing Guru Work Station

A Peek Under the Sea: Lori

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When our fearless co-founder and world-renowned pizza connoisseur, Mike Zielonka, asked me to pen a blog revealing a behind the scenes glimpse  of my senior writing guru work set up, I said, “Mike, who’d want to read that?” His response was “Your desk has character and your fingers have magic. I think people will like […]

Custom Sidebars Header Customization

How to Create CSS Customizable Widgets with WordPress Custom Sidebars Plugin

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We love a good sidebar. They can provide a dose of extra information, useful links, and easily accessible contact information. However, unique pages require unique sidebars, which is a problem posed by WordPress‘ default settings. Our favorite framework for WordPress is PageLines DMS, and they have a great recommendation to overcome this issue. The Custom […]

Example of poor SEO friendly images

Avoid an Image Optimization Trap

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Here at Tuna Traffic we’re always wading through the Great Marketing Reef, looking for better ways to help our clients inbound marketing. We strive to deliver SEO-friendly and great looking websites through WordPress and PageLines. We use images to accomplish both of those goals. Websites with great images are extremely appealing to users. They can […]

heartpress from halfblog.com

Unbridled WordPress Love

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We have mad love for WP Engine’s WordPress Hosting. We build all of our websites with WordPress. We attend, sponsor and speak at WordPress’ local WordCamps. We pride ourselves on being PageLines experts. (WordPress’ beautiful drag and drop web design framework.)  Simply put, WordPress completes us. So when our one true love returned our affections […]

Modern Farmer Apple Devices 2017

Modern Farmer had a website, E-I-E-I-S-E-O.

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(To the tune of “Old McDonald Had a Farm.”) Modern Farmer had a website, E-I-E-I-S-E-O. And on that website, Tuna helped them out. E-I-E-I-S-E-O. With web consulting here and site maintenance there. Here some updates, there some monitoring. Everywhere some optimizing. Modern Farmer had a website, E-I-E-I-S-E-O. Tilling the Soil We here at Tuna Traffic […]

Wordcamp Chicago 2013

WordCamp Chicago On Page SEO

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Hey WordCampers! Here are the slides from my presentation. Thanks for coming out to WordCamp Chicago! Remember the SEO algorithm is comparable to a credit score. We should take control of what we can to produce a higher score! Control what you can control on page seo ftw wcchi – tuna traffic from Tuna Traffic […]