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This week we continue our voyage with Zach Bowers, Tuna Traffic’s Digital Marketing Specialist. Zach’s primary duties include conducting research and analysis, crafting reports, optimizing websites for search engines and running paid marketing campaigns. Zach is a curious creature, constantly digging for better solutions for Tuna’s clients, and finding creative ways to maximize inbound marketing for clients.

Now, let’s jump beneath the sea into Zach’s world.

How I Master the Sea

Where do you office?

I like to office at the Tuna School. Wait, I LOVE to office at the Tuna School! My desk is in a wide-open area where there is always something going on and someone to talk to. The Tuna School is great because it has a clean environment (unlike my home) where I can get a ton of work done. At times it can be distracting but whenever that happens all I have to do is throw on my Sony headphones, hit play on Spotify and I’m good to go. The top songs I like to rock out to in Spotify can be found in my “Toe Tapping, Hand Clapping, Work Jamming” playlist.

How do you get your work done?

I get my work done by using online tools such as Moz, SERPs and Google Analytics. I spend a majority of my time coming up with solutions to make things better such as a page, website or call to action. These online tools allow me research and dig into data in order to to see how people are actually using a particular site.

An important thing to understand about SEO is that it revolves around establishing a status quo and I use SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) to figure out what web pages are ranking and what key words matter. After I find out the rankings I analyze the statistics in Moz analytics to see how people are actually acting on a web site and why they are reading one thing but not following it to the next logical step.

In Moz, one useful tool I use is Open Site Explorer that researches and compares back links with competitors for intelligent, targeted link building. It helps me identify top pages, view social activity data and analyze anchor text. I also use Google Analytics a ton, trying to find questions nobody has asked me, but I am curious about. I use this everyday!

What is your hardware of choice?

Right now I am using an old school 2010 Mac Book Pro 15” and a 24” Dell monitor. I like my computer because it still has the big speakers on the side rather than the itty-bitty ones on the new Mac Books. I also have a Nexus 7 tablet that I use to research marketing news, go over reports and browse site data. When I am surfing the Internet Chrome is my main man. I like to use Chrome since I use a lot of Google services and Google treats itself very nicely in its own browser, so it works out well.

When I need to conduct a meeting or talk with a client I prefer to do it on the phone. I find it useful to call people on the phone when I need to ask for a favor or to get more information from a client. If I just emailed someone they may never respond because it is very easy to ignore or miss a message, but with personal contact on the phone it is harder for them to turn me down. Also, I am in charge of answering the phone at the Tuna School and it is something I really enjoy doing.

What is your software of choice?

I use an awesome app called Pocket. This app helps me learn new things and stay organized. When I find an interesting article or a webpage that I want to read later, I put it in Pocket. It is very useful to me during the day, especially when I get a ton of articles sent my way and I don’t have enough time to read them all, I just save them to my Pocket to read later.

This app also helps me build landing pages by allowing me to put tags on different files to categorize them. I have a section in my Pocket called “Landing Page Optimization” where I save all my research so if I need a refresher on the topic or some new ideas, I can rely on my handy-dandy Pocket app to assist me.

Zach Key Board Short Cuts

One thing you couldn’t live without?

Keyboard short cuts, I absolutely love them! If I could never click a computer mouse again, I would be very happy. 🙂 At a young age I learned that I could always do things more efficiently by never taking my hands off the keyboard and that’s where my love for keyboard short cuts began.

One of my all time favorites is Cmd + Click. I like to let PDFs and larger pages load while I continue to browse and this allows me to keep one tab open and visible while still opening something else.

Another short cut I use a lot is Cmd + Shift + N. This makes it extremely easy for me to pull up an incognito window and run a test search in Google. For example, if your site is ranking only 4th for a search, but your Facebook or your third party platform is ranking higher, I will be able to see that by using this quick short cut.

Cmd + Tab is a short cut that helps me flip through a variety of windows. I don’t mess around with searching in the background or dragging windows. I use this all the time while looking at a site, a document or while referencing data. Who needs a mouse when you have keyboard shortcuts? Keyboard short cuts for life! (That should be on a t-shirt) 😀

What helps you get your work done?

COFFEE! I get it from Collectivo when I am really happy. 🙂 I have been racking up a lot of points there with a 16oz coffee and a blueberry muffin. That is my jam. [Laughs]

What really helps me get my work done is collaborating with my Tuna Team members. What’s great about the Tuna School is when I am stuck on something I can just turn to Elise and say, “Hey, does this look weird to you?” or “What’s up with this?” I do that at least once a day. I like to talk things out with people and get visual proof to help me solve complicated problems. It really helps me get my work done because there are times when I get stuck and need a new set of eyes to help spark a creative solution.

But, enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

If you need a solution, then I am your guy.  My favorite thing is finding the source of a problem and coming up with a solution to create a stronger web presence.  I love driving people to sites and motivating users to take action.  Name you problem and I will be there to help. Let’s chat.

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