What’s a Well-Formed Team? (And Why You Should Be Glad We Are One)

First off, before you read any further, we want to assure you that we’re not swearing. We’re talking about WFTs, which here at Tuna Traffic, means Well-Formed Team™. (Get it? W-F-T, not whatever you initially thought we were talking about.) A Well-Formed Team is part and parcel of Scrum, the Agile methodology we use at Tuna to focus our efforts on listening to our clients, adapting our work to what our clients need at any given time, and delivering the best product.

So, what is a WFT? The definition we like to use is courtesy of our favorite Scrum/Agile Training and Consulting Organization, 3Back. A WFT is a team that is Self-Contained, Self-Organized, and Value-Driven.

Let’s break the Well-Formed Team definition down a little more without getting too Scrummy, this basically means that:

  • The team has all the knowledge and skills they need to get their work done (Self-Contained).

We’re consciously competent, meaning we know what we know. But, on the flip side, we’re also aware that there are some things we might need experts outside our Self-Contained team to add their input. When that happens, we partner with a SME (Subject Matter Expert) to round out our team so that we continue to do our best work for you.

  • The team manages itself relying on frequent communication and coordination to determine what tasks are necessary to get their work done (Self-Organized).

We realize that effective self-management is about communication and coordination. And we do a lot of that. To help us Tunas keep our ducks in a row, we use a handy dandy online Scrum planning and implementation tool called Get To Done®. Get To Done is an intuitive and flexible tool that gives us the transparency we need to do all that communicating and coordinating. In fact, some of our customers have seen so many of the benefits of Get To Done help, they too have started using it with their teams.

  • The team is motivated by shared values and a commitment to follow a professional Standard of Care in everything they do. (Value-Driven)

As a team, we’ve developed what we call our Leadership Attractors, our distinctly Tuna way to shape our thoughts and actions as a team and as individuals. There are 9 of them. (But if inspiration hits, we’re open to adding more.) Our Leadership Attractors range from “No Head Works Alone” to “Avoid and Eliminate Confusion” to “Laugh Often and Smile.” You can find the whole list, with explanations, here.

And, speaking of Standards of Care (Or SoC) as we refer to them, we’ve developed those too. Remember that innovative, online tool we use, Get To Done? Using Get To Done, we break down every project we work on into smaller pieces of work called Stories. Each Story is aligned with a tailored Standard of Care of must-have items to complete before we consider our work ready to submit to our clients. Meaning, our commitment to professionalism is baked into everything we do.

What’s a Well-Formed Team? (And Why You Should Be Glad We Are One)

What does a Well-Formed Team look like?

It looks like the right people in the right places at the right time, asking the right questions to you, our customer, to discover and build a deep understanding of your business to do the right work and deliver the right product. Simply put, it’s a team that just gets it. A team that puts the customer’s needs first; anticipating, adjusting, and being trusted to get the job done. A team with a heart and soul. A team you’d love to be a member of.

And, at the risk of sounding all braggy, it looks like Tuna Traffic.

Ready for our WFT to be put to work for you?

Let’s make it happen.

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