Never Rest Dairy Cows


Our friends at Modern Farmer, the award-winning quarterly print publication, digital magazine and website are on to something. They’ve learned that our love of farm animals extends far beyond State Fairs, Charlotte’s Web and kindergarten field trips. From coast to coast, through metropolitan centers and great plains, across the pond and across the beltway, one thing is clear to Modern Farmer. We simply love us some farm animals. And, we love watching them even more.

Throughout the year, Modern Farmer pays tribute to our favorite farm animals. They’ve honored goats, pigs and dogs with their own weeks. Now those beautiful bovines are in the spotlight. Cow Week officially kicked off Sunday, September 7th. And Tuna Traffic is knee deep in the manure (literally) helping Modern Farmer use cutting edge technology to deliver a bird’s eye view of the real world of the cow, in real time.

We Were Bred For This

When Modern Farmer came to us and asked, “How do we capture the world of the cow and share it live with the universe?” We answered, “We got this. We’ll find some photogenic Bessies and Elsies and make it happen.” After all, we did the now-famous Goat Cam, Ham Cam and Dog Cam (where we mounted a camera on an actual shephard’s helmet to get eye-popping footage of his sheep dogs in all their herding glory). With each animal cam experience, we found ourselves researching, inventing and enhancing some pretty sophisticated technology.  We were absolutely up for the Cow Cam challenge. Seriously, our home office is in the Dairy State. We were bred for this.

So, we took the bull by the horns to find the right farm that would meet our customized Cow Cam specifications. Our search lead us to Ashley and Troy Schlender of Never Rest Dairy Farms. Never Rest, hooves down, is one of the most tech-savvy dairy farms around. Just read what Ashley had to say about her modern dairy farming.

We’re the first farm in the United States to have two AMS-Galaxy robots in one barn. We’re always looking for ways to help the consumer understand what really goes on in a farm, especially a barn like this, which is a prime place for our cows. It’s exciting to see how happy cows can be in their own comfortable setting and we’re looking forward to sharing that with viewers”

Yes, she said robots. Robots that milk cows. We just hit the bulls-eye.

We Like To Watch

Tuna Traffic Modern Farmer Cow Week SetupBending technology to meet the needs of our clients is what we’re all about. This time that bending took us literally up into the rafters of the Never Rest barns to install tailor made drop cams that streams our clearest video yet. We set up two cameras. Cow Cam 1 catches the cows in the calving section. Meaning, they’ve just given birth or are about to. (Watching live births are in-store for all who care to see.) This camera also shows the cows as they wait to enter the milking area where the robot takes over. Cow Cam 2 is more of about pure cow relaxation. This Cow Cam views the cows as they snack, mingle and use the Roto Brush. (More robots!) The Roto Brush innovatively scratches their backs, heads, hitting all the spots that, well, cows just can’t reach.

Betcha can’t wait to see this for yourself. And you’re not alone. This animal cam thing has taken off, driving traffic to Modern Farmer’s website like crazy. I guess you could say, people are watching until the cows come home.

Like the Cow, We’re Over the Moon

Give us a technology driven problem, we’ll deliver a technology tailored solution. And we’ll innovate your web presence in a way that, heck, may turn it into the cash cow you’ve always wanted.

 Behind the Scenes look at Tuna Traffic's day at the farm!


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