Launching The New Tuna Traffic World Headquarters


A fin roll please….

It’s time for the highly anticipated, Tuna Traffic reveal.

Your Tuna Team proudly presents to you… our brand spankin’ new Tuna Traffic World Headquarters, located in the Raymond Business Park next to Clearcom Inc., Southwest of I-94 and 61/2 Mile Road. It’s being built as we speak and we’ll be moving there this spring.

Our new World Headquarters is like no other fish in the sea. This is a tailor-made technology and marketing hub with a one-of-a-kind workflow design that will serve as our Tuna Traffic office prototype for the future. But, before we get there, let’s answer the question on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

Why Are We Swimming Upstream to New Digs?

aerial view of the Tuna Traffic World Headquarters

An aerial view of the Tuna Traffic World Headquarters under construction.

In one word. Growth. Sustained, annual growth. (Okay, that’s three words, but you catch our drift.) We’ve been expanding our business 30-40% every year, dipping our dorsals into some amazing work and partnering with our customers to create bigger, better web presences.

Our approach to doing work is different than many companies and it made sense to develop a space to mirror that approach. Our new World Headquarters enables us to create an office workflow design that jives well with our collaborative environment. The new centralized location means we are closer to our Milwaukee area and Chicago-based clients, with the added bonus of an easier commute for our Tuna Team.

And a whole lot of Tuna Team thinking went into designing this space.

Doug Shimp, a member of our Executive Leadership Team painted the big picture,

“As a technology and marketing company, we are always looking for innovative ways to deliver solutions to our clients. It’s important that our office space inspires us and enhances our ability to do great work. As a Team, we researched and designed exciting ways to create this experience for ourselves and for our clients. It’s efficient and energizing.”

Our very own Sud Shanmugabaskaran, Director of Client Solutions, added,

“Simply put, this is a cool place to work. From the Tuna-blue colored ambient lighting straight out of Silicon Valley to the glass message board walls to the community kitchen, every aspect of this office helps our Team work smarter and more comfortably. It really enhances our Tuna culture.”

But Wait.There’s more.

Tuna Traffic Interior Construction

Building a solid foundation for the new Tuna Traffic World Headquarters!

Our new World Headquarters sports an inhouse photo and video studio to accommodate client shoots.  Senior Creative Lead, Lisa Dodd, noted,

“The new office is carefully designed with a variety of workspace configurations to inspire creativity and collaboration among our pool of talent and clients. It invites imagination, exploration, and communication; highlighting our team’s energy and innovative culture.”

And what about our customers? How will our new digs help our customers? Mike Zielonka, Director of Web Strategy, nicely answered that question.

“We needed our new office to enable us to serve our customers remotely and in person. There are so many different spaces within the new office to collaborate with our customers and collaborate as a team.  Every aspect has been carefully planned. From our custom designed workstations, inspired by our Tuna Team, to the sound deadening walls of our open and airy great room.”

Add to that enhanced collaboration, our built-in hotelling space concept and you get a real feel for how we’ve “Tunafied” our new home. The hotelling space allows our Tuna Team that offices near and far, and our customers, to drop in and work at their convenience. Yes, our customers. Whether you want to come talk shop with us or are on the road and need a place to quickly plug in and get work done, we welcome your visit.

We think Walt Disney said it best.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Join us as we swim down our new path.
Stay tuned for more details on our World Headquarters Grand Opening.