Greetings fellow WordPress fanatics, Tuna lovers and Cheeseheads! WordCamp Milwaukee is once again coming to our neck of the sea this July at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We are proud to announce that two members from the Tuna Team will be imparting their smarts at WordCamp Milwaukee. Mike Zielonka, Co-Founder and Director of Web Strategy, as well as Zach Bowers, Tuna’s Digital Marketing Specialist, will share their tech savvy skills and secrets to what makes them so good at what they do. Mike will be speaking on Saturday, July 26 at 11:30am and Zach on Sunday, July 27 at 11:30am as well.

Designed by Tuna Traffic's Lisa Dodd!

Designed by Tuna Traffic’s Lisa Dodd!

For those of you who are now thinking to yourselves, “What in the world is WordCamp?” here is the basic idea of the camp’s purpose. WordCamp Milwaukee is an event where WordPress users of any skill level, whether it be grasshopper or guru, get together and discuss the many uses of the tool. People from all over come to these events to learn how to make better content for their websites. Not only is WordCamp a way to sharpen one’s WordPress skills, it also provides an opportunity to network with other WordPress users and expand one’s knowledge even further. Although at first glance new WordPress information can seem overwhelming, WordCamp Milwaukee is also lots of fun! From their friendly speakers to enticing speeches, you are guaranteed to have a good time; not to mention their “in the spirit of Wisconsin” cheese theme!

Mike Zielonka


Mike and Zach are both honored for the opportunity to share what they know. Each of them have lots of knowledge to give and are looking forward to doing so. Here’s the inside scoop on how they feel about speaking at this year’s camp. Mike, who will be talking about “How to Become a WordPress Hacker,” (Don’t be scared or fooled by the title. There’s no mention of seedy street corners in this presentation.) is excited to be able to tell people what he thinks about developers and code. “I want to show WordPress users that you do not have to be a developer in order to customize your site using code. I truly believe that anyone can be a WordPress hacker,”   Mike claims as he enjoys a heavily sauced slice of pizza.

Zach, who is presenting his speech about “Defeating Bounce Rate and Bringing Visitors Back With WordPress,” is also looking forward to WordCamp. “I frequently hear the question ‘How can I get more traffic?’ While that’s a valuable question, many websites can do more with the traffic they already have. I believe many sites don’t need more traffic, they simply need to treat their audience to a better experience,” explains Zach, while shooting threes on Tuna’s very own mini basketball hoop.



Not only are both very eager to speak, they also can’t wait to take part in the WordPress community that WordCamp brings together. “I love meeting people,” says Mike, who helped organize this year’s camp, “I have met awesome developers, users, hosts, marketers, customers, and made a ton of new friends at WordCamp. I feel really lucky that I get a chance to work with the amazing team at WordCamp Milwaukee to organize such a great event.”

WordPress ChefSo whether you are new to the WordPress world, or have been in it for years, take a trip to WordCamp Milwaukee to see these two speeches by Mike and Zach, and the other speakers as well. WordCamp Milwaukee is a great way to become more integrated into the WordPress community, and at the same time learn more about how WordPress can help you create better content for your website. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to go to a cheese smothered event created by some of the best WordPress chefs in the Midwest? Check WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 out!

Short on some dough? Mike and Zach have the hookup with the promo code: tunacamp, to get five dollars off when buying WordCamp Milwaukee tickets.

WordCamp Milwaukee entire duration from July 24-28. See detailed schedule here for WordCamp Milwaukee 2014.