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Unbridled WordPress Love

heartpress from halfblog.comWe have mad love for WP Engine’s WordPress Hosting.

We build all of our websites with WordPress. We attend, sponsor and speak at WordPress’ local WordCamps. We pride ourselves on being PageLines experts. (WordPress’ beautiful drag and drop web design framework.)  Simply put, WordPress completes us.

WP Engine

So when our one true love returned our affections by highlighting us on the WP Engine homepage, what can we say? Our hearts were all a-flutter. With more than 71 million WordPress sites all over the world, written in over 120 languages—-this kind of recognition from WP Engine is like the captain of the football team asking us to be his date for Friday night.

Our special friends at WP Engine adoringly chose a quote from our own Director of Strategy (you know him as Mike Zielonka) as their featured quote. WP Engine was swept off their feet with Mike’s musings on their superior security, one of the five points of WordPress power:

“WP Engine security systems and process are the best. They are extremely proactive in their security protection and are on top of every security alert that comes out. We are very confident in WP Engine’s ability to protect our client sites from the bad guys.”

See Mike’s quote on the WP Engine’s Homepage! It’s truly poetry in motion.

We love you too, WordPress.

If you’re not smitten with your web presence, contact Tuna Traffic today!

Heartpress image courtesy of halfblog.com