Building Brand Equity


Building Brand Equity


The Client:

PS Capital Partners knows private equity. Principals Paul Stewart and Paul Sweeney, along with Vice President Mike Mack, have made a name for themselves in the Milwaukee area and throughout the midwest, building investments, driving strong portfolios, and making sound financial decisions.

PS Capital Partners knew something else. They knew they were three really friendly, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, guys; passionate about connecting with their clients as trusted partners, and growing long-term investment value.

And, the PS Capital Partners brand and website didn’t represent them well at all.

That’s where Tuna Traffic came in to help.

The Challenge:

Rebuilding and refreshing PS Capital Partners’ image, from their logo to their messaging to their website navigation, was in order. A full rebrand and website overhaul. And we were ready for the challenge.

The Solution:

We assembled a Well-Formed Team dedicated to transforming PS Capital Partners’ brand and website. Designers to drive the creative vision for PS Capital’s new branding, content writers to convey their mission and unique value propositions, and developers to translate the new branding into an engaging, cutting-edge web experience.

The Focus:

We began with what PS Capital Partners’ brand looked like.

  • Comprehensive Style Guide
    We curated a PS Capital style guide as a visual brand road map that maintained brand integrity. The style guide identified and housed all visual elements including, typeface, logo usage and placement, mood boards, color palettes, and iconography for PS Capital Partners now and into the future.
  • Logo Refresh
    By meshing a traditional serif font with a cleaner, modern color palette, we created a design that illustrated PS Capital Partners’ new brand identity.

Old Logo

PS Capital Partners New Logo

Refreshed Logo

  • Business Identity
    We extended our branding efforts to include pieces that are central to PS Capital Partners’ business identity, like letterhead, envelopes, and business cards, their signature Flip Card leave-behind piece and we even conducted a photoshoot with them.

Then, we moved on to what the PS Capital Partners’ brand sounded like.

  • Brand Voice Guide
    Working in tandem with the new visuals, we defined PS Capital Partners’ brand’s voice, ensuring it was intentional and authentic. Like the style guide, we developed a brand voice guide outlining the desired style and tone for website content, social media, and marketing collateral.
  • Content Refresh
    By combining creativity with consistency, we crafted new visioning statements, taglines, and website copy that captured PS Capital Partners’ brand voice.

"About Us" Page - Old Content

Former PS Capital About Us Page

"About Us" Page - New Content

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Lastly, we put it all together in a transformed PS Capital Partners website.

  • Website Overhaul
    Our designers laid the framework for the look and feel of the new web presence. Our developers brought it to life by building a clean, interactive, and mobile responsive website that was intuitive and user-friendly.

Plus, we were able to solve a unique problem for PS Capital Partners. They wanted to continue their tradition of hosting an annual rooftop party for their trusted partners. But, the rooftop venue was closed for construction. Problem solved. We added robust integrations to their new platform, and voila, PS Capital Partners seamlessly hosted a virtual rooftop party. The icing on the cake? PS Capital Partners donated the funds they would have used for the rooftop party to their trusted partners’ charities of choice.

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The Result:

what our client had to say

“Tuna Traffic’s new branding and content refresh exceeded our expectations, and, most importantly, we continue to receive compliments from those who visit our website.”



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