“You are what you eat,” is a quote Tamara Mannelly and Kelly Liston live by, inspiring them to create Oh Lardy. Oh Lardy is a blogging website that focuses on educating others on the simplicity of a Real Food Lifestyle. Eating Real Food is not always easy to do and switching over to this diet can seem overwhelming to families who have never done it before. Growing your own vegetables, making your own spices, shopping at local farmer markets and cooking your own meals, that’s a lot of work! But it’s what inspired Tamara and Kelly to create Oh Lardy, their very own website; to share their journey into the real food world and to show individuals that a healthy diet is not hard if you start with baby steps.

What is Real Food Anyway?

Real Food can be defined in many ways. Real Food is food as close to its natural state as possible which does not have a long list of ingredients that you cannot produce. If you have no experience with Real Food, not to worry, Oh Lardy devotes a full section of their website for Real Food beginners, discussing the 5 easy steps to help you get started on a Real Food diet. Oh Lardy offers amazing food recipes for entrees, breakfast foods, salads and soups, and also a natural cough remedy, just to name a few. They also offer an amazing Natural Cough Remedy to keep you healthy during the winter season.  Other categories include food news, healthy lifestyle blog, homesteading/gardening, tips, product reviews and an online store where you can buy books, kitchen tools, meal plans and Real Food products to help you ease into a healthy, Real Food diet.

Tamara Oh Lardy

Oh Lardy’s Food was Fresh but Their Website was Not.

When we first started working with Tamara and Kelly they already had a website, but they were stuck with a designer who wasn’t creating the right visual content. They were using a website design and theme that was unresponsive, making it hard for them to effectively reach and interact with their audience. This marketing mishap required a plan before they lost too many of their visitors and subscribers. Oh Lardy’s website was in need of a refresh done quickly, efficiently and beautifully all while keeping it done within their budget. Tuna Traffic was the perfect company to make that happen.

How We Refreshed Oh Lardy’s Website:

  • Customized a premium theme that is responsive and looks great on all different screen sizes using Theme X.
  • Created a unique WordPress child theme, allowing them to make changes without affecting the original theme’s code.
  • Installed a custom and targeted lightbox with an email option, turning their website visitors into subscribers and customers, powered by OptinMonster and designed by Oh Lardy.
  • Monetized customized ad placements across the site using AdSense to control the size of the ads on their page across all devices.
  • Created an events section with a calendar to highlight events in Phoenix and Chicago where they offer classes on how to maintain a “Real Food” diet.


Freshness Revived.

After our help, Oh Lardy’s website now has:

  • An average of 90,000 sessions a month
  • An average of 120,000 pageviews a month
  • 5,000+ email subscribers

Now, Oh Lardy is back on track and can continue to empower their customers to make healthy changes to their lifestyle.

Here’s what the Oh Lardy ladies had to say about the outcome: 

From a design aspect Tuna Traffic knew what we wanted, within the budget we had and delivered all in a reasonable amount of time. I like how Tuna plans projects for us by creating a small list for us to choose from, some of them we never would have thought of ourselves! Let’s see…. our blog doesn’t suck anymore which I know sounds like I am being funny, but seriously! Even though they have a lot of clients, I feel like we are one of the only ones because of the time they spend with us and the knowledge they have about Oh Lardy!” -Tamara
Tamara Oh Lardy
I love how responsive Tuna Traffic is! If we have a question,they answer it. If we have a problem, they fix it STAT. When they say something will be done by a certain date, it is actually done! Very nice :)” -Kelly
Kelly Oh Lardy

Oh Lardy learned that marketing is an important ingredient to a successful website design, exactly how Real Food is essential for a nutritious diet. And Oh Lardy now has a balanced diet of both. 🙂

Real Food Experts.

If you’re looking for healthy snack ideas, need some new tips for your herb garden or you’re just curious about a Real Food diet, visit Oh Lardy and learn how to get started on your journey to a healthy diet.

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