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Putting Some Muscle into Marketing

At the core of Palmen Sports’ Athletic Republic Locations is their drive to be the best at what they do: Turn athletes into super athletes. Grounded in proven scientific methods and patented technology, Palmen Sports’ professional trainers, state-of-the-art facilities, and partnership with Advocare products is unmatched in the sports performance industry. They’ve worked with amateurs, high school athletes, pros, and even a few guys named Joe, to help them build endurance, strength and confidence. Palmen Sports knows that building something great takes experience and dedication. Not to mention, a little bit of sweat. So, when Palmen Sports needed to get peak performance out of their web presence, they turned to Tuna Traffic.

The Odd Couple

On the surface, we’re an odd partnership. But, at times it’s that yin and yang approach that creates something truly outstanding. Some times you need a glasses-wearing, sweater-clad nerd to help with a problem. Other times you need the strength, power and agility of an athlete. Just like Timon and Pumbaa, we may not appear to belong together, but we’ve made an excellent team for years.

It’s a Marathon and a Sprint

Palmen Sports’ Athletic Republic has been with us since we were just baby Tunas. In fact, they were our first client! We’ve been their trusty, behind-the-scenes, web nerds for longer than anyone else. And, like a dedicated marathon runner, we’ve used that time to improve and fine tune Palmen Sports’ web performance.

When our partnership first hatched Palmen Sports asked us to:
  • Design and develop a stronger web presence.
  • Improve Search Engine Results Ranking for industry keywords.
  • Get found online.

We limbered up, stretched our web design and SEO muscles and hit the ground running.

Now, Palmen Sports benefits from:
  • A beautiful website for two locations: Kenosha and Libertyville.
  • Frequently updated, relevant content.
  • A first page ranking on Google for important industry keywords.
  • A website specifically for his non-profit foundation: Go Sports America.

Getting those rankings and the content for palmensports.com was the sprint; the quick burst of work that got it all started. Over the years, our partnership has grown into far more, transforming from a sprint to a marathon. Tuna Traffic functions as Palmen Sports’ full-service, lean, mean marketing machine.

Here’s the one-stop-marketing-shop services we provide Palmen Sports
  • Developing, implementing and overseeing a dedicated mobile site.
  • Managing a supplemental website dedicated to building Palmen Sports’ Advocare products empire.
  • Designing and content writing for all print marketing materials including flyers, business cards and postcards.

Peak Performance

Don’t just take it from us, here’s what Jon Palmen, President of Palmen Sports, has to say about our partnership.

“Tuna Traffic understands small and big business. Part of the reason for the successful start of my business and continued growth is the talents and knowledge of the Tuna Traffic team. They have been on watch for my business since the beginning and continue to impress me and guide me through the ever changing environment of digital marketing. It is great to have such a wonderful business partner to help steer Palmen Sports ahead of the competition.”

Image of Jon Palmen

We’re proud of the championship caliber team we’ve formed with Palmen Sports. It’s allowed both businesses to expand our goals and expectations. Like the LeBron James and the Miami Heat, we aren’t satisfied with our current success. We want a dynasty.

But don’t worry, we’ll be keeping our talents in Wisconsin.

Is Your Website Flexing its Muscle?

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