We at Tuna Traffic just want to issue this mouthwatering warning. Your tummy might not be growling right now, but we pretty much guarantee it will be, once you’ve read this sweet and savory post about our friend Halle Cottis and her delicious creation, Whole Lifestyle Nutrition.

Take One Part Passion for Food

Whole Lifestyle Nutrition Cilantro Lime Mahi Mahi

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you meet a person who has a calling in life; a calling to help people the best they know how and truly make a difference.  That’s Halle Cottis in a nutshell (an organically grown nutshell, by the way). Halle is all about delicious, healthy food. Organically growing it, cooking it, blogging about it, and sharing easy and delectable ways for us to enjoy it too.

Add One Part Tuna Traffic

When we first started working with Halle, she already had a website, but it just wasn’t doing what she wanted it to do.   There were a whole lot of bugs. Not real bugs, of course. We’re talking scrumptious food here. Rather, the type of technical bugs that get in the way of executing an outstanding website. Plus, her site wasn’t generating the buzz she wanted. Halle had recently published her first cookbook, chock-full of lip smacking recipes, tips and ideas on how to eat clean and healthy and she wanted to market it online. But, there was a key ingredient missing to really get Whole Lifestyle Nutrition off and running. And that ingredient was Tuna. Tuna Traffic, that is.

Halle asked us to:

  • Effectively drive traffic to her website.
  • Deliver consistent, premium content.
  • Grow her brand by creating a reoccurring revenue source.
  • Establish a member-driven portal website.
  • Successfully optimize her website for SEO.
  • Problem solve and eliminate all technical issues from her website.

Mix Well and Serve

Halle Cottis Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

They say the proof is in the pudding. (And it is. Plus, the pudding is yummy too.) After a short 30 days, (that’s 3-0), The Whole Lifestyle Nutrition website boasted 112,000 visitors, up from a mere 500. And, Halle’s site charted over 1/4 million page views, quickly ranking in the Top 10 of organic and holistic recipe sites. How’s that for some appetizing traffic!

Here’s what Halle had to say about her tasty transformation:

“Not only did Tuna Traffic help with increasing my traffic, they also gave me the confidence that is needed in this ever changing internet world.  I have learned so much from them and continue to learn and grow everyday.”

Bon Appetit

Take a look for yourself. It’s like eating potato chips (organically farmed with a hint of kosher salt). You can’t view her website just once.

Check Out All The Real Food Recipes at Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

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