WordCamps are conferences held worldwide for people who love WordPress, our  hands-down favorite Content Management System. WordCamp attracts a slew of people across the globe who think of WordPress as their virtual right hand, helping them to build, work, write and create outstanding online content. Our fearless co-founder and president of the Tuna Traffic WordPress Fan Club, Mike Zielonka, recently attended WordCamp Chicago. Not only did Mike have as he put it, “an unbelievably amazing experience,” he also walked away with his mind all a flutter with cool new WordPress tools that he was bubbling over to share with the rest of us.  Now, without further ado, we present:

Mike’s Top Cool New WordPress Tools

Adobe KulerAdobe-Kuler

Courtesy of WordCamp Chicago presenter, Tracy Apps, this adobe tool is the next generation of color wheels. Kuler® is a cloud-based application for making color themes. It’s particularly helpful for those of us who are RGB challenged as it allows you to create and try out different color schemes.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Edge Reflow

If you’re not familiar with Reflow, you will be soon. Reflow is poised to replace Photoshop. Reflow outputs code instead of images, offering a flexible design approach and producing  better end product. Check this out to be even more amazed.


If there ever was inspiration to stop using passwords, Clef is it. Clef is a mobile app that eliminates passwords and usernames by creating a digital key that lives in your phone. This digital key generates a new signature every time you log in. By syncing with Clef wave (aka scanning from your smartphone) you instantly send your signature and identify yourself. Wow, right? It’s idiot-proof security.

Ad Code Manager

Ad code manager is a bigger, better plugin to manage ad codes. In other words, it improves our Tuna Team ability to oversee ad placement on our clients’ sites from the back-end. The recently upgraded plugin is nicely streamlined and very user friendly.


BugHerd is the epitome of a straightforward, uber user-friendly bug tracker.  It allows clients to simply report issues by making notes right from the site. BugHerd transforms the client’s note into a full bug report for people like our Tuna Tech Team to quickly fix the problem. Way slick. In fact, it’s so slick that the Tuna Tech Team is  giving some serious thought to using it to replace GitHub issues and spreadsheets.

Mood Boards

Mood boards are a tasty piece of the creative web design pie. Mood boards highlight specific elements of a website’s content that communicate the overall user experience. Mood boards are an outstanding way to express big picture vision, such as color palette and typography, before page specific templates, site navigation maps and style tiles are developed. At Tuna, we are exploring incorporating mood boards into our design process as one more way we partner with our clients to innovatively develop their vision.


Developed by WordCamp Chicago presenter Jesse Friedman, BruteProtect is like the Superhero Justice League of cloud-powered security plug-ins. When BruteProtect is activated and a website becomes part of the BruteProtect network,  the sites become part of an internet-counter force that protects against botnets. The Plug-in logs and blocks suspicious IP addresses across the entire BruteProtect network. Powerful stuff.

 WordCamp Gallery

Enjoy this mini-gallery of WordCamp Chicago 2014. We’d like to give a special shout out to Shanta Nathwani for sharing both her WordPress know-how and her fantastic photos with Mike. To see more of Shanta’s photos, view her Flickr Album here.

Curious What These Tools Can Do For You?

Mike’s like a kid in a virtual candy store, brimming with excitement about these tools. Want to learn more? Give him a holler. Trust us, he’d LOVE to chat about what how these tools can sweeten your digital world.

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