Here at Tuna Traffic we’re always wading through the Great Marketing Reef, looking for better ways to help our clients inbound marketing. We strive to deliver SEO-friendly and great looking websites through WordPress and PageLines. We use images to accomplish both of those goals.

Websites with great images are extremely appealing to users. They can demonstrate products, show-off work, and humanize a company. Plus, search engines prefer websites that utilize images IF search engines can read the images. Images are read by the search engine bots through “alternative text” which is written into the HTML. Alt text is a vital piece of SEO for any website, especially ones with a lot of images. And we’ve discovered an issue that may be hurting the SEO friendliness of your images.

We love PageLines for providing a number of easy options to add photos into unique website sections like callouts, sliders and boxes. However, the convenience of adding images through PageLines can compromise SEO friendly alt text and title text. Look at the titles of these images uploaded through PageLines.

Example of poor SEO friendly images

The images’ titles are the file name plus “PageLines”. Hardly, SEO friendly. If we were to open up these images to edit them, all of the alternate text (the vital one to SEO) are blank. These images are used throughout the website, creating a missed SEO opportunity.

How this Happens

This issue occurs when using PageLines or PageLines DMS photo uploaders to insert images into a website. In DMS the uploaders can be found in the DMS editor for a number of different sections. Here is an examples for the RevSlider of where to find uploaders.
How to prevent poorly optimized images in PageLines

How to Maintain Optimized Images

There’s a solution, and it involves using the WordPress content management system. The best solution is to upload your images into the media library in WordPress. Then simply click edit as demonstrated in the image below and update your title and alt text from there.

Then in whichever PageLines editor you are using, simply select your image from the media library instead of uploading it through PageLines. This will save you headaches in the future (especially if duplicate images are uploaded through PageLines because they have extremely similar names) and will keep your images SEO friendly.

Properly Upload SEO Friendly Images

We’ve had to do some rescue missions on some of our clients’ media libraries which were littered with non-optimized images. Until we stepped in, those clients were having trouble being found in search engine results. We can analyze your media optimization and see if you’re passing the test.

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Update From PageLines

There is now a way to either remove the prefix “Pagelines-” from uploaded photos, or to customize the prefix for image titles. It requires some fairly simple edits to the functions.php file. If you’re interested, check out PageLines’ instructions.