What is Reponsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is the practice of designing a page or site with a dynamically changing appearance or layout based on the screen size of the person’s device.

In 2019 responsive web design is one of the most essential tools for anyone with a digital presence. This practice ensures users will have good viewing experience no matter what type of device they’re using.

Perhaps that's why it's so surprising, when users are turning more and more to mobile devices and tablets, to find websites that continue to suffer from non-responsive web designs. 

This past July, Google launched Mobile-first indexing meaning websites that look and feel great on mobile will automatically rank higher than sites with a poor mobile experience on Google. It’s more important than ever to have a mobile friendly website. The future of online is on mobile! 

Example of responsive web design

Now is the time to understand exactly how to make a website mobile friendly and adapt to today’s best practices of responsive web design. Here are the 8 Do’s and Dont’s of responsive design. 

If you’re interested in transforming your online presence with a mobile friendly website that has a top-notch user experience while being visually appealing. Then, take 2 minutes and contact us about our Responsive Web Design Services!

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Sud Shanmugabaskaran
VP of Client Solutions

DO: Design "mobile-first"

You will have an easier time in the design phase if you design a mobile friendly website first. Then, move to a full-featured site that also looks amazing on tablets and desktops. 

It’s about trimming away the “extra noise” and focusing on the most important elements the user should see when they enter the site, then building upon that foundation when there is more space on larger devices.

DO: use Large, Tappable Links

Remember that mobile users are on touch screens and tap clicks are not as accurate as mouse clicks. For the best possible user experience, be sure to design your page with mobile users in mind by making clickable elements large enough on all devices. This practice will ensure you retain a mobile-friendly website experience.

DO: Test, Track, Improve & Test Again.

Okay, Great! Your website is tested and deemed a mobile friendly website with a tool such as Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. But, that doesn’t mean the user experience is correct. It’s important to capture and examine how people are interacting with the site, then optimize where needed. 

At Tuna Traffic, we utilize data tracking tools such Hotjar, Google analytics, etc. Ask us about our Analytics services, if you want to identify data-driven and actionable improvements to make on your site. We can help get more engagement from your existing site traffic!

DO: AMP: Determine if it’s right for you

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. free open source plugin that can help a site achieve loading speeds and dramatically improve mobile search rankings. 

However, AMP isn’t right for every kind of website. Feel free to contact us to ask if AMP fits your website’s needs. We can also support or manage the installation.

DON'T: Clutter the Page with Content

Cluttering a page with too much content is an easy design trap to fall into since we all want the users to know all about the great things we have to offer, but remember page space is limited on mobile. Users don’t want to read through walls of text so make what they do read count! 

Keep your message focused on the most critical information with your call-to-action clear and visible, not buried towards the bottom of the page.

DON'T: Ignore File Sizes & Poor Load Speed

You can’t assume users will have access to a strong internet connection. The ideal load speed of a page should be under 1.5 seconds. 

That’s why It’s vital to take an extra few minutes to compress large files before uploading any images, GIFs, or videos. In fact, page speed is one of the major SEO ranking factors that Google accounts for. 

Interested in other ways to improve your SEO? Feel free to ask us about our SEO services!

DON'T: Hide Content on Mobile

Don’t punish user mobile visitors by hiding unoptimized content. Hiding content may seem like a viable shortcut, but the user experience (UX) on desktop and mobile should be equal. Our “Mobile-First” design approach ensures the UX is consistent across all devices.

DON'T: PDFs on Landing Pages

Using a PDF on a landing page can be a simple way to add content to a page. But, PDFs are NEVER mobile friendly,and will be unreadable on even medium-sized screens. Not to mention,PDFs deliver a poor user experience and provide almost zero SEO value

Final Words Before You Start

When people interact with websites, they expect an excellent user experience. If your website fails to meet the responsive web design standard, they may move on to your competition, which is a single click away. With every design decision, think about what is what’s best for users and optimize the user experience to be clean, concise, and engaging! 

It is possible for anyone to make a mobile friendly website if they are willing to put in the time and effort to develop this valuable skillset! But there is no shame in getting a little help from experienced experts.

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Sud Shanmugabaskaran
VP of Client Solutions


Saravanan Shanmugabaskaran (Sud) is Co-Founder and Director of Client Solutions for Tuna Traffic. What does this mean in a nutshell? It means Sud helps businesses get found. By masterfully combining the latest in web-based technology and SEO (search engine optimization), tactical data analysis, focused customer research and innovative web design, Sud creates engaging and effective web presences for businesses big and small. With 10 years of diverse IT experience creating business solutions for a variety of companies and services, Sud’s expertise lies in actively listening to his client’s needs and fostering a partnership that delivers strategic and successful, state-of-the-art products and services. His extensive IT background has earned him a spot as a requested speaker on numerous technology-based topics. Sud’s exceptional people skills and collaborative spirit provide an unmatched customer experience for Tuna’s clients. Plus, he’s sharp as a tack, quick-witted and fun to be around. We call that the Tuna Traffic Triple Threat.