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We’re Fishing for a Few Good Tunas

We, the team at Tuna Traffic, are scouring oceans far and wide for people who:

  • Have a burning desire to be on a team where you consistently produce innovative, good work.
  • Dream about delivering cutting edge digital marketing and technology.
  • Perform best in an environment where where collaboration is key and where learning, teaching and growing are supported and savored.


We offer a broad net of competitive benefits including:

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • PTO
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Training and Professional Development

Check out our current openings:

WordPress Developer - Milwaukee Area
Software Engineer - Milwaukee Area (Preferred)
    Do you love clean code, and thrive on challenge? Do you enjoy finding and sometimes learning the right tool for the job? Are you just as comfortable working with building solutions as testing?
    If so, check out our newest opening.
Designer - Milwaukee Area
Digital Marketing Coordinator - Milwaukee Area

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Meet Our Team

Tuna Traffic Mike Zielonka

Mike Zielonka
Joined 2010

Tuna Traffic Sud Shanmugabaskaran

Sud Shanmugabaskaran
Joined 2010

Tuna Traffic Lisa Dodd

Lisa Dodd
Joined 2011

Tuna Traffic Lori Weisberg

Lori Weisberg
Joined 2012

Tuna Traffic Julie Hatcher

Julie Hatcher
Joined 2012

Tuna Traffic Elise Muehlenberg

Elise Muehlenberg
Joined 2012

Tuna Traffic Nathan Shimp

Nathan Shimp
Joined 2012

Tuna Traffic Evan Mattson

Evan Mattson
Joined 2014

Tuna Traffic Nicole Osburn

Nicole Osburn
Joined 2015

Tuna Traffic Emma Edgar

Emma Edgar
Joined 2015

Tuna Traffic Paul Zivney

Paul Zivney
Joined 2016

Tuna Traffic Careers

Join 2017

So, Why Should You Work Here? Seriously, why shouldn't you?

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Work Here

1. Fun

Fun is an overriding theme at Tuna Traffic. We revel in having fun while we work and working while we’re having fun. Is it knock-knock jokes 24/7? Well, no. (Thankfully. That would be painful.) We take our jobs seriously and are head-over-heels committed to delivering excellent, not average, work for our customers. And, although we usually don’t whistle while we work, we do Laugh Out Loud a lot. Generally speaking, if you’d prefer to work with smiling folk rather than grumpy McGrumpersons, Tuna Traffic might just be the place for you.

2. Flexible

Flexibility is key. And by that we don’t mean you’re ability to hold a downward dog yoga pose at a moment’s notice. (Though some members of our Tuna Team can do that, and it’s quite impressive.) We realize that if you’re working here at Tuna Traffic, you’re good (dare we say, great?) at what you do. We also realize that sometimes you need to do your greatness from home, during non-typical work hours or from a workspace far far away. Our work schedules are flexible. Plus, with so many cutting edge communication tools at our fins, that flexibility nicely inspires some amazing stuff which our customers love.

3. Forever Learning

Our Tuna culture is chalk full of curiosity. We’re eager to learn new things, try different paths and always always always ask questions. We’ve found that the more we ask, the more amazing our work is and the happier our customers are. We’ve also found that once we learn something outstanding, we like to share so we all can be rockstars. Learn. Teach. Grow. That’s a Tuna mantra we swim by.

4. Phenomenal Technology

We really believe that having the right tool for the job is a big reason we’re able to deliver great work to our customers. That’s why our entire Tuna Team benefits from the latest and greatest technology to get their work done better and easier. Whether it’s a Retina Macbook Pro, a nicely loaded Tablet or a full Adobe Creative Suite, our Designers, Developers, Social Media Gurus, Inbound Marketing Specialists and Creative Teams have easy access to smart ways to do what they do. And do it well.

5. Friends (Our Customers)

We’re in it to achieve mind blowing things for our customers now and for the long haul. Our customers may start out as customers, but they quickly become partners, collaborating in their success. Then, something magical happens. Our customers become our friends. It’s pretty sweet. And, in this day and age, pretty rare.

Why should you work at Tuna Traffic?

Our culture of curiousity. We really value learning, teaching and growing. That's what gets us jazzed. It's an amazing place to be.

Lori Weisberg, Senior Writing Guru

From day one with Tuna Traffic, I've felt like an important cog in a humming machine. I've been able to grow professionally and individually. It's everything I've always wanted in a job.

Zach Bowers, Digital Marketing Specialist

State-of-the-art equipment, a well-stocked snack cabinet and an unwavering commitment to making our customers happy. It's our fuel to do great work.

Mike Zielonka, Co-Founder & Director of Web Strategy

We always have fun together. It feels like a group of friends, rather than your "typical group of coworkers."

Elise Muehlenberg, Social Media Assistant

Every day is unique. We work with clients small, large and around the world who challenge us. We love a challenge.

Sud Shanmugabaskaran, Co-Founder and Director of Client Solutions

Having a flexible work schedule is awesome! Tuna Traffic understands the importance of work-life balance for our remote and local teams.

Lisa Dodd, Senior Creative Lead

Everyone brings such a vast amount of talent and knowledge to the table and is so willing to help each other. It's very rewarding. We also love to laugh, which doesn't hurt.

Mikaela Ehly, Designer

The unique team culture. Nobody's trying to squeeze something out of you and that ultimately results in a win for everyone.

Evan Mattson, Developer

What’s Our Story, Anyway?

Founded in 2010 in Racine, Wisconsin, Tuna Traffic specializes in developing, marketing and managing effective and engaging web presences. Through creative design, cutting edge technology, tactical market analysis and innovative social media, we function as a one-stop interactive marketing shop. With our finger on the pulse of today’s dynamic marketplace, we don’t just hand our clients a product and proclaim, “Done.”

We foster, we enrich, we evolve our client’s web presence.

We work a little differently here at Tuna Traffic. We manage our projects using an Agile Methodology called Scrum. Scrum focuses our team’s energy by initiating, detailing and completing our work in progressive steps. What does that process look like exactly? It looks like a healthy serving of flexibility and adaptability with a side of guaranteed on-going collaboration with you. And it makes for a successful, supportive work environment.

Our Tuna Traffic team is chock full of smart people who are card-carrying SEO Rockstars and Social Media Gurus, plus we’re kind of fun to be around.