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Team Tuna

At Tuna Traffic, we believe No Head Works Alone.   We spawn greatness when we put our heads together. If our wheels begin to spin, we seek out those who offer a differing, and often unconventional and ingenious, perspective to help us.


Lisa Dodd

Senior Creative Lead
Craig G Tuna Traffic Financial Accountant

Craig Getman

Financial Accountant

Shakila Manogaran


Elise Muehlenberg

Graphic Designer + Logistics Coordinator
Tyler P Tuna Traffic Marketing Assistant

Tyler Parsons

Marketing Assistant

Erin Ramczyk

Digital Marketing Strategist
Dane R Tuna Traffic Developer

Dane Reimer

Sud S Tuna Traffic Director of Client Solutions

Sud Shanmugabaskaran

VP of Client Solutions
Doug S Tuna Traffic VP of Business Practice Development

Doug Shimp

VP of Business Practice Development

Nathan Shimp

Testing Automation Software Developer
Kayla S Tuna Traffic Marketing Assistant

Kayla Skowronski

Marketing Assistant
Emma E Tuna Traffic Developer

Emma Valcq

Lori W TunaTraffic Senior Writing Guru

Lori Weisberg

Senior Writing Guru
Mike Z Tuna Traffic Director of Web Strategy

Mike Zielonka

Director of Web Strategy
Paul Z Tuna Traffic Director of Business Development

Paul Zivney

Director of Business Development